Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kala ghoda festival 2012

This years Kala Ghoda festival just couldn't get better.The stall stuff was good though some were overpriced.One complain would be its getting commercialized every year.Like for example there was an inkfruit stall on sale.Can you believe that?
The food was good.It had plenty of variety.The art was magnificent as always.It conveyed various types of messages.Compared to last time there was less jewellery to buy. Here are a few clicks:
These guys were so eager to pose.

This lantern is made up of plastic bottles.

I loved this one the most.Its about human spits dirtying the roads.Hats off the artist who thought and made this.

Life size bournville.

This ones about unprotected sex causing AIDS.

These were some really pretty piece of art.

Noise pollution.Funny isnt it?

Under table corruption.Are you seeing this Mr politicans

There was also a puppet show organized by Rajasthani folks

Water pollution.

Smoking kills