Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Diaries

Heylo everyone,
So I finally decided to do a post on my birthday. It was on 8th Aug( I know am late but, bleh!). I don't even feel like I have turned 21! Anyway talking about the day, it was spend in a very well relaxed manner during the day. In the evening my friends came over and then we went to a lounge for drinks and dinner. That;s that, nothing fancy. But that's how I like things to be :). The highlight of the day was my friend Michelle baked the best red velvet cake on this earth. Here are the pictures.
Red velvet cake
Lychee martini

Complimentary brownie given by the staff

Until next time,
- Varsha

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Body Shop haul

Hey guys!
Today's post is all about body shop. I recently visited 'The Body Shop' store  in palladium and indulged in a few products. This is what I bought 

I decided to use them first then write a review.
So here it goes...


 Dandruff is like a leech. It just never seems to get enough of you. I have tried all the possible treatments on planet earth and trust me after 3 months its back to square one. I even paid an exuberant price for the dandruff treatment at KAYA but all in vain.
Then I decided to give this a go. You might be thinking I am over exaggerating but trust me am not. This shampoo is like the perfect solution for m dandruff. I have been using it for 2 months now and the results are super.

Claims: Flake clearing, scalp sooting shampoo with ginger extract 

Price: Rs 725/- for 400ml

Ratings: 9/10


This face wash gives the best cooling effect on your face than most of the products I have tried. Seaweed is a different element in the day to day beauty products but it has proven to be good.

Claims: Refreshing gel, removes impurities , makeup , and excess oil.
 Skin type: Combination/oily skin

Price: Rs 495/- for 100 ml

Ratings: 8/10
 It definitely lives up to the claim of removing the excess oil and make up.


This is just another aloe vera soap though slightly over priced.

Price: Rs 95

Ratings: 7/10
The negative would be the early reduction of the soap than the usual time.

I also got a complimentary pouch from them for doing a purchase above a certain limit.

 Thats it for now.
Until next time,

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hey guys!

Bags, bags, bags... don't we just love them. How many ever we own it will always be 'less is more'. So, anyway since Raksha Bandhan was today and my birthday (pssstt.... am turning 21) is coming up next week, my brother gave me this hugee ALDO bag as a gift. I sort off feel like a kid carrying those backpacks so I prefer using huge handbags. And plus I like bags with one single spacious compartment where I can just dump things in one place and not keep unzipping several compartment zips.I love the way it swallows my books easily It has just 3 private compartments. I like brands that offer sophisticated looks unlike ESBEDA which is like all blingy. My previous bag (coco blue Baggit) has been molested and raped in the train so he guessed I needed a new bag. I like bags with definite shapes. Shapeless bags look plain shabby. Have a look at the pictures

Front side
Back side
Single spacious compartment
Till then until next time,
Happy reading!
- Varsha