Monday, August 31, 2009


Passing by the street,

Saw a mob gathered,

Heard a helpless cry, another violent rage,

Peeped in,

Saw an old ‘human’ man being ruthlessly beaten up,

By another ‘inhuman’ human with a stick,

Hands itching to go snatch that stick,

My mind screaming to the rest of the crowd, “GO DO SOMETHING!!!”,

But they stood still, as if,

Witnessing a free Broadway show,

My mind got split into 2 parts:

Part 1:”why mess with something which isn’t your business?

Forget it and walk away”,

Part 2:”go do something can’t just walk away like that as if u dint see anything!”

I bet every ‘human’ mind standing there would be going through the same mind war,

After a mind blogging battle part 2 succumbed to part 1,

I shamelessly put my head down and walked ahead.

All the while I couldn’t help stop being guilty,

All of a sudden

This shop with an amazing sale comes right up,

Memories of the past 10 minutes instantly erased,

I went in,

Shopped, shopped and shopped,

Came out,

With a fresh stalk filled in my mind,

Constantly thinking of the purchase my arms now carrying,

And then suddenly out of nowhere part 1 striked,

“What must have happened to that old man?”

Part 2:”who cares? Someone must have done something…umm maybe nothing.

Anyway you have come a long way from there. who wants to walk all the way back?

plus you have your new purchase to flaunt.quick,go!”.


I turned away, pushed everything at the back of my mind, shutting the doors of ‘part 1’.

And that day,

I not only walked away from that helpless old man..his merciless assassinator..

Those mind-battling statue-still audience..

But from ‘humanity’……

Friday, August 14, 2009

click click..............

there are many times when am just soo totally bored,and pointlessly doing nothing in particuar and
if at all i happen to have my cell phone beside me,i just go click,click.

this is my fully disected cockroach during my practicals in biology lab.
actually i wanted to take a video of me disecting it,but urmmm i dint want to cover my cell with cockroach fat.
i dont understand why people go on whining about it,when disection is COMPLETE FUN :D :D

my workplace.
ultra fat books-check
cell phone(texting considered as a must break)-check
bottle of water-check
pen case-check
clock(utmost nessesary to set a countdown for the end of study time and to flee off)-check

this was taken out side my college,the 1st one shows a 3 phase junction box,imersed in water during one of those mumbai-driped-in-water-days.imagine if there would
be any faulty wiring, *shudders*.and well the next day it was all dried up.

and this is my brother's work on our c.p.u.genius! isnt it!

and i just love this pic,because it just very well portrays how blank my mind can be at times

this is done by me,and 2 of my friends in bid to kill one of the longest afternoons of my life.and well it turn out to be great

this is my room,part of it can be seen.but this is my favourite place

this pic is well hilarious.thanks to the clip arts on the cell phones.i apologize to all the hitler fans.

(p.s-thank you my dearest neha for arranging these pics for me,you wouldnt have to do so if only my knowledge about such things would have been adequate.


Sunday, August 9, 2009


had a viva today

dint read a word

went to class

sat behind

got buried

behind those huge backs

thought became invisible !

he came

he saw

got picked

questioned me

which dint penetrate

stood there

stared and stared

partner whispering

brains rattling

memories of past class

pointlessly doodling

mind wandering

teacher blabbering

oh yes!bulls-eye!

finally,made up!

blurted out

with cofidence,over confidence!

partly correct

partly wronge

fingers crossed

under the desk

gave a sheepish griin

flushed eye lids

thats it

work done!

he laughed

he noded

i sat

partner got picked

got screwed

everyone did

but me

yay me!

lucky me!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 easy ways to let the steam off my ears..........

there are many things in life which i just CANT CANT tolerate.among which some need a very special here they are:

1)people who are smart

2)people who think they are smart :p

3)sprays of pan spits in any random corners
seriously! sometimes i feel like chasing them with a needle-thread to stich up their mouths

4)people with terrible grammar,and bad pronounciation(these include people saying 'is-school' as opposed to the simple'school',or maybe even confusion between tenses,oh yeah last but not the least some morons actually land up callin 'he' a 'she' and vice-versa

5)gujju people makiing rigorous attempts to immitate american accents.

6)patchwork jeans,jeans with hidious patterns...omg.....they make some sight *shivers*

7)people who pose to be 'che guera' fans by wearing his tee's and bags,because their lame sense of style think its cool!!
(for heavens sake,he isnt some fashion accessory,he's a legend!!)

8)piercings at funny places on the human body

9)people who burp because they think its funny

10)people who use those oh-so-irritating short forms while chatting
1.'ma' for 'my'
2.'da' for 'the'
3.'dat' or 'tat' for 'that'