Sunday, September 20, 2009

Permanent disorders!

The world will end
The earth will combust
The moon will rise during the day
Cats will bark
Mahatma will be fully dressed
Zombies will become kind
Or if not that
I might take my last breathe
There are some things which I will NEVER EVER get right!

1)the confusion between *dhai* or *dedh*.
I still say *sade ek* and *sade do* :(
(umm I don’t think I got those spellings right,what I meant was the confusion between the hindi
Words of *1.30* and *2.30*)

2) i will never get my *right * and *left* right too.:(
This disorder is there in me since birth by default.
It gets worst when am travelling in autos and ask the driver to go left and I end up pointing towards
The right.after that not only do I go in the wrong direction but also listen to the drivers curses!

3)the difference between a *tee-shirt* and *shirt* :(.oh yeah! It might be easy for all you guys,but
I cant learn the art of teling them apart,even if I supposedly learn to tell them apart for a day after constant lessons from my friends,am back to 0 the next day.

4)my wrong reflexes.:(
I just cant understand why my body reacts always in that same and oh-so-incorrect way.
And that is *closing my ears*.
Ok people don’t laugh,I know it sounds silly,but I just don’t know why-how it happens.
For example,
If am driving,and something comes ahead,I leave the steering wheel and close my ears!
If a dog move past(well am petrified of them),I land up closing me ears again.
If someone throws a ball in my direction,instead of ducking ,I close my ears again.

Well,that’s all!
I have sort off gotten used to such disorders,
It’s a part and parcel of my life now
Sort of a secret funny identity!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The graveyard

That lonely place
That haunted look
Where a world still exists
Yet after death
The ever welcoming creepy feeling
Of the innocent dead
Those Goosebumps rising
The air succumbed to sadness
Dirt engraved tombstones
Covering a life, a history yet another mystery
The dried flowers embracing the tombstones
Conveying the mourners despair
The skin and bone grave keeper
His long white beard
That moth eaten hat,
Sweeping leaves off the ground
In a motion
Immune towards the surrounding fate
The air perfumed with the smell of soil
From a freshly dug grave
As if, inviting its new guest
Innocently unaware of the broken hearts, that feeling of loss
A shadow vanishing behind the trees
The sole remaining traces of the long dead
Many fumble to go,
Hesitate to visit
Courtesy to the false rumors
But I see it as
Yet another life to be lived beyond mortality
Yet another experience
Yet another journey
Only to be explained
After embracing it!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Way to go my pigeis!!!

Pigeons here ,pigeons there
Pigeons everywhere
Pigeons on the crook
Pigeons in your book
“o’ my darling pigeis I shalt shower thee
With wholesome wheat grains
For thou promise to hover over neha
Like a wart on the witches nose"

(ok i know this is a lame poem meant for 5 yr olds
but urmm i couldn't help but write it
and dedicate it to neha,whose horrified of nothing
in this world but of pigeons)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mumbai \m/

A drunken man asleep on the footpath
People passing over him, beside him
No one bothered, no one concerned
A crowded BEST bus passing by
Jammed with people hanging onto their lives
A woman baking bhakris in the corner of the road outside her plastic sheet house
Her kids running around as if the roads, the cars, the street lamps, the dirt
Was their ultimate playground
Its 1 am, cars still running, people still walking, a glimmer of light still on within the building window
As if, it were just any part of the day
Just a few drops of rain
Brings the joy of a new road-pool
Trains running as if transporting half of India from station to station
People sitting on the rooftops, just like grass growing on pasture land
Here people are so immune towards blasts, to the extent that the next day
They get up, go off to work take the same route and the same train
In this place admission without donation is next to impossible
Here even the cheapest food is enjoyed by the
Richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor
It’s a place where people can live off from Rs 10 a day to Rs 10,000 an hour
It’s a city where billions is created from the poorest occupations
It’s a place where even a slum dog has paparazzi tailing around him
Starlets glitter around it
It can make nobody into a somebody and vice-versa
It has turned into a place where even sesame seed has no place
You can’t walk around without having a hundred people around you
It’s a melting pot of cultures, where in some still refrain to dissolve
It balances well between the snob south, and the primitive north
It's busy acting as the spinal cord of its nation, holding it erect
People crave to come here with sky high dreams, and ground scratch money
It might embrace it like a welcoming mother
Or cruelly cast it away
I crib, I complain……
yet i still hold on to it,love it.......
I will never ever kiss it goodbye
This is Bombay ,people
Yeh hain Mumbai meri jaan

Monday, August 31, 2009


Passing by the street,

Saw a mob gathered,

Heard a helpless cry, another violent rage,

Peeped in,

Saw an old ‘human’ man being ruthlessly beaten up,

By another ‘inhuman’ human with a stick,

Hands itching to go snatch that stick,

My mind screaming to the rest of the crowd, “GO DO SOMETHING!!!”,

But they stood still, as if,

Witnessing a free Broadway show,

My mind got split into 2 parts:

Part 1:”why mess with something which isn’t your business?

Forget it and walk away”,

Part 2:”go do something can’t just walk away like that as if u dint see anything!”

I bet every ‘human’ mind standing there would be going through the same mind war,

After a mind blogging battle part 2 succumbed to part 1,

I shamelessly put my head down and walked ahead.

All the while I couldn’t help stop being guilty,

All of a sudden

This shop with an amazing sale comes right up,

Memories of the past 10 minutes instantly erased,

I went in,

Shopped, shopped and shopped,

Came out,

With a fresh stalk filled in my mind,

Constantly thinking of the purchase my arms now carrying,

And then suddenly out of nowhere part 1 striked,

“What must have happened to that old man?”

Part 2:”who cares? Someone must have done something…umm maybe nothing.

Anyway you have come a long way from there. who wants to walk all the way back?

plus you have your new purchase to flaunt.quick,go!”.


I turned away, pushed everything at the back of my mind, shutting the doors of ‘part 1’.

And that day,

I not only walked away from that helpless old man..his merciless assassinator..

Those mind-battling statue-still audience..

But from ‘humanity’……

Friday, August 14, 2009

click click..............

there are many times when am just soo totally bored,and pointlessly doing nothing in particuar and
if at all i happen to have my cell phone beside me,i just go click,click.

this is my fully disected cockroach during my practicals in biology lab.
actually i wanted to take a video of me disecting it,but urmmm i dint want to cover my cell with cockroach fat.
i dont understand why people go on whining about it,when disection is COMPLETE FUN :D :D

my workplace.
ultra fat books-check
cell phone(texting considered as a must break)-check
bottle of water-check
pen case-check
clock(utmost nessesary to set a countdown for the end of study time and to flee off)-check

this was taken out side my college,the 1st one shows a 3 phase junction box,imersed in water during one of those mumbai-driped-in-water-days.imagine if there would
be any faulty wiring, *shudders*.and well the next day it was all dried up.

and this is my brother's work on our c.p.u.genius! isnt it!

and i just love this pic,because it just very well portrays how blank my mind can be at times

this is done by me,and 2 of my friends in bid to kill one of the longest afternoons of my life.and well it turn out to be great

this is my room,part of it can be seen.but this is my favourite place

this pic is well hilarious.thanks to the clip arts on the cell phones.i apologize to all the hitler fans.

(p.s-thank you my dearest neha for arranging these pics for me,you wouldnt have to do so if only my knowledge about such things would have been adequate.


Sunday, August 9, 2009


had a viva today

dint read a word

went to class

sat behind

got buried

behind those huge backs

thought became invisible !

he came

he saw

got picked

questioned me

which dint penetrate

stood there

stared and stared

partner whispering

brains rattling

memories of past class

pointlessly doodling

mind wandering

teacher blabbering

oh yes!bulls-eye!

finally,made up!

blurted out

with cofidence,over confidence!

partly correct

partly wronge

fingers crossed

under the desk

gave a sheepish griin

flushed eye lids

thats it

work done!

he laughed

he noded

i sat

partner got picked

got screwed

everyone did

but me

yay me!

lucky me!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 easy ways to let the steam off my ears..........

there are many things in life which i just CANT CANT tolerate.among which some need a very special here they are:

1)people who are smart

2)people who think they are smart :p

3)sprays of pan spits in any random corners
seriously! sometimes i feel like chasing them with a needle-thread to stich up their mouths

4)people with terrible grammar,and bad pronounciation(these include people saying 'is-school' as opposed to the simple'school',or maybe even confusion between tenses,oh yeah last but not the least some morons actually land up callin 'he' a 'she' and vice-versa

5)gujju people makiing rigorous attempts to immitate american accents.

6)patchwork jeans,jeans with hidious patterns...omg.....they make some sight *shivers*

7)people who pose to be 'che guera' fans by wearing his tee's and bags,because their lame sense of style think its cool!!
(for heavens sake,he isnt some fashion accessory,he's a legend!!)

8)piercings at funny places on the human body

9)people who burp because they think its funny

10)people who use those oh-so-irritating short forms while chatting
1.'ma' for 'my'
2.'da' for 'the'
3.'dat' or 'tat' for 'that'

Friday, July 24, 2009


gone were the days when mom gave me any work
and i could shout back ...'CHILD LABOUR'

'18' the marvelous step into adulthood...funny i cant even feel a thing...
being'18' brings new addition to the wallet..driving liscence,pan card,voting card..and all those cards
leaving the good old green mint crisp papers(daddy still doesnt agree with the concept of increment with age :p)

now that i'll be '18' i'll be legally eligible for marriage!!......WTF...why would want to end their lives right now?
anyway....suitors line up plzzz
eligibility criteria:
1)fat bank balance..(fat in this case starts with a few lakhs)
2)MUST MUST know to cook,sweep,swob,wash etc etc etc o yeah forgot to mention must know to iron too
3)should be tall,dark and handsome( though i really dont feel the need to mention such an obvious thing)
i guess thats a simple person having abnormaly simple wants. then WHY WHY do people define me as a 'snob'.*wonders* answer!! *sighs*

'18' means......i can vote now.'JAI HO MNS'...*ahem ahem* ok ok just kidding...congress rocks..

'18' means gaining entry into pubs.
and what do i plan to do there?
*sheesh* noooo......
just sit in the corner observe people under jazzy lights doing wierd moves

'18'means...all the bank accounts get transferred on my name...yipeeeeeeeee i guess i'll have to finally come up with a permanent sign,as opposed to the current scribling along with some smilies i keep using as my signatures...

'18' means...urmmm what else?
OHH can i skip that.......
A-rated movies here i come :D :D :D

(p.s- this great day is on the 8 th of this month.......
blessings as gifts will not be accepted!!
so...urmm be a pal and get me something great packed in a nice shinning gift paper with a nice big ribbon bow :P : P

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bollywood calling.........

The film industry in india is no doubt one of the biggest and profound industry in this country and it has benefited india quite eminently.But then that doesnt mean that we incoperate or associate film stars in every aspect of our lives!!!
If for examply there's a bomb blast,or a terrorist has being held or the any politician has being elected,the very next day we get thier point of view's regarding such happenings and their pointless opinions blah blah.The other day there was this question asked in bombay times front page that'whats the most sexiest part of rahul gandhi',can u freaking belive that??and then those brainless starlets starting voicing their hopless views on how they like his butt and etc etc. Is this what is supposed to be discussed about our leaders of this nation,why couldnt they ask queston them about his achivements or what potential he holds still?
Even when the olympic torch came to india,bipasha basu was asked to run around carrying it!!that was the height!! why couldnt some senior athlete do the needfull? does it all come down to adding glamour quotient to every possible thing in this country and calling it HOOTT.Even on simple day to day debates held on news channels there HAS to be one filmstar sitting in the panel talking nonsence when that person doesnt even the remotest possible idea of what is like to live a commons man's life,and then there are those audiences who land up asking them questions as if thier answers if gona mean life and death to them.
And there was this abhi-ash wedding frenzy which zobbed the news for nearly a month and it seemed endless.i really apprecitaed javed akhtar at that oint of time when a certain new channel called him and asked him how he felt about them to which he replied,'is abhi-ash wedding some national phenomenan occuring,what kind of channel are u? dont u have otherz news to show us'.i felt like bowing down to that man,and i was like FINALLY we have someone with a proper conscience in bollywood.And these days its bebo and her darling saifu(yuck) ,where we seem to be gettin thier minute to minute details of thier whole day(like we have no other work!).
Opening bombay times every day in the morning is such a painfull task for me because i just cant stand the those magnanomous articles.What have we got to do if someone looses thier earing on the set,or if xyz person ishaving a cat fight with someone else,tomorow i wont even be surprised if it prints that abc starlet sneezed or maybe ate this for lunch and that,is this what we call NEWS?lol.but then WHO CARES?
Even if somebody has to interview any foreign person about India there always has to be that golden question,'do u watch bollywood movies? what do u feel about them?'and its bollywood and bollywood in the rest of the interview,they wouldnt even bother asking them about the how they feel about indian culture, its rising economy and does it or does it not have the thing to be a super power? no...we will just stick to walking ,talking ,eating,sleeping bollywood!!
Anyway,as long as common people like us dont become aware of it,bollywood is gona soar higher and higher and gobble up eveything,untill one day we start calling India,,HOOTTT..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


wait for the sun to rise
wait for it to set
wait for a perfect job
wait for a perfect mate
wait for the sorrow to pass
wait for the blissfulness to start
wait for the rains to come
wait for the rainbow to be seen
wait for the time to come
wait for it to go
wait for the end to come......
but dont forget to wait to enjoy every moment of it...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unexpressed expressions.....

As she embraced her mother in a tight hug,my own mother's eyes flickered back and forth from them to me,eyes filled with half accusation,and half of hope.As we watched them as mere audeiences,i started toying the pebbles on the ground with my feet half hoping for the
ground to crack open and swollow me in...*slurp*.On the way home,she said,"wel....wish things could be like that with you too!'.Anger flushed through me at that instant.Exactly how many times do i have to defend myself?having this dialogoue over the tip of my toungue considering
the amount of practised ihave had with it..i went all like,"oh plzz mom....we have been through this talk with a minimum range of thousand time.why dont u just get over with.I will continue to remain how i am,you just totally cannot expect me to be all moppy!".she sighed!that was all.
well this is the one and only complain my mom has against me.she feels that i am the coldest living daughter on planet earth.*sigh*if only she knew half of it!i am the kind of person who isnt well quite exrpressive with her feelings specilay with those related to lover,,compassion..
I must have never huged them tight or said'i love u mom-dad' ..never.Just because i prefer being non-expressive that doesnt mean that the ocean of love flowing within me is shallow.Ihave always remained like that, and i intend to remain non chalant.
i have never at all felt the need to be flambyount about expresing myself to others cuz that goes agiant my nature and even if i gave ait a try,it would look soo abnormamly fake.On several occasions..for example gettin decent marks in 10 th or gettin into a really good colege,or maybe even my own
birthday,my mom always goes like,'arent u happy at all?'.i just nod with a faint smile.Mentally am like,does she actaully expect me to hop-skip and jump like a maniac.that would just totally fall right against my own sanityl.
even when it came to my friendship with neha..probably the closest living soul to me next to my parents.We have never ever being too flamboyant about it,though i can give about a 104% gurantee that out bond is much stronger than most of those freindships which people tend to be all showy about.we must never used
adjectives like 'best friend' to our friendship.Because as long as we know whats there,we dont need to prove anything to anybody!
So finally my parents have accepted that I might not change and the love hidden deep within me will remain cacooned in forever,
All in all i can sum things up as....

Expressive expressions remain unexpressed by a totally unexpressive me,living in this overtly expressive world!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

People and thier misconceptions.....urghhhhhhh

The other day i was just going through my orkut friends list only to see some unexpected change of faces.That innocent,simple,yet being completely oneself was lost behind that make up of desirable fashion fatigueness and those eyes dabbed with fake contacs screaming with these two words'NOTICE ME'.i could do nothing laugh of how could people undergo such drastic changes and forgo one's character which one build and nurtured it for over twelve years.That enigma of innocense,and individuality was bid farewell too as well along with the school.
Its quite disheartning to see people losing their originality pretending to be something they see on the cover pages of 'vogue',ELLE' etc.
well coming down to my basic funda behind writing this is that,why dont people just accept the way they are?instead of undergoing some honestly hidious undesirable changes mentally as well as physicaly,only to land up being mocked up by people who laugh measuing the ratio of thier brain to might come down to say about -0.1:100.There are those morons whose retina cant even absorb the thier own real images.I mean,when i looked through those display pics i could find girls from my school or people whom i have met who were then simple turning into this wanabe diva.i mean c ' has Indian markets started producing that defective mirrors?
Not that am dead agaist undergoing self transformation.But then such transformation should take place in the right way.What i mean is everybody has the right to look pretty or be trendy no doubt..but theres always a fine line exisiting beyond which artificalness marks its presence and that definately is different for different people.God has definately shown signs of recession while bestwoing beuty among many of us.....but well has been exceptionally kind with lot of other people.No one cant change that....i agree.So theres so no use of turning a blind eye towards the fact.
Another catogory of display pics which couldnt espcape my gawky eyes was those cover pages of 'vogue' or 'elle' where one put up oneself's pic claming to be the best model on this earth.Some i agree deserved to be there and some...hmmmm......totally a big NO-NO.The extent of self-obsesion is taking its tolll.
I have always been a patron of fashion...but then i have always had a self awareness and i have always ristricted myself before that line because i see and accept what my perfect mirror reflects.
Anyways in the end of the day ...these are all my own individual thoughts and ideas.I am absolutly nobody to inforce these opnions onto someone whoes blindfolded oneself!and i mean no harm to anybody.peace out!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bugs me, Any way

At first i thought the guy who said'anyways' to me had some kind of a lisp.But gradually i was hearing it like,everywhere.You cant deny that 'anyways' has taken over young india,and even some our TV anchors regularly use it.Now,some of you ages under 29 must be wondering whats eating me.And whats the problem with saying "anyways" anyways?
I'll tell you.One,this juvenilism is ungrammatical.And, two,it reveals you've learnt much of oyur english from people
who started saying anywaysjust to be cute,and not from books where you'd only find anyway.Unless of cource you got it from reading stuff where some linguistically-challanged user of"anyways" was quoted directly and you couldnt tell right from you though it was right,
But lets be realistic 'anyways' exists already in many print and online dictionaries as a strictly colloquial variant of anyway.Thats s start,by which i mean that if morepeople use it in writing as well,anyways could become acceptable,standard english.And anywaycould in the future becomes archaic form.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


WHY be the grass when you can be the oak?
WHY be the bottom cake when you can be the icing?
WHY not be the blue whale instead of the tiny cod?
WHY be on page twenty-nine when u can be the headline?

WHY be a nobody?
when you can be SOMEBODY!!
its the only way of being different from everybody!!

taste the delicacies of both being unoticed and noticed
tell me which one's better?
very obvious...the latter's the better!!

show the world the fire in you...
of not being able to put out by the tsunami of hurdles.....

work your way into the zenith of success
by walking with a lattern in this tunnel of darkness...
where a nobody goes past dissapearing into the darkness
and being illuminated into a brighter SOMEBODY!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


As I sit through these infinite exams
do i find myself a single moment of charm?

As i sit learning from these heaps of books
do i seem to recollect the contents from the previous book?

will i be able to jot all of this down
on the final of the dawn?

it has already become impossible to stay put for more then 30 min
how earth am i suposed to sit through 4 more months of this?

when will this tiring struggle get over?
cuz am already so BORED....*yawn*...

will my year and year and a half of struggle yeild any outcome?
or will the devil failure overcome?

As i sit here unleashing the poet within me under my physics books
i wonder...............

is working with machines all i wana do ?
is it worthy for me ?or am i worthy for it?

if not what am i working for then?

am soo confused.........
sooo BORED.....*yawn*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why do people abuse????

These days abuses have become an inseperable part of almost 96%of todays population's vocabulary.people think that they can express their thoughts,emotions etc by using abuses which is quite wronge sadly because using abuses only proves the fact that how handicapped one can be when it comes to using the power of your very own speech!!
its quite embarssing for me as a girl when somebody in the vicinity abuses specially by using those words relationg to one's mothers and point is why aint there any relating to one's fathers or brothers?not that am asking for any because it would only mean to increase the already infinite list!!
its quite disheartning to see really young kids abusing each other not knowing what it actually means...but at that point of time they are immatured and have grasped all those things
fro no-where but their very own adults.but then u grwo up and pass that phase and now we are in a positon to know what we gotta let go and what we gotta take wid us for the rest our lives.
i persoanally must ve never abused anyone in my life and i really appreaciate and respect the people who aint foul motuhed but refuse to show an iota of affitnity towards those who do.
so all in all sanitizing one's corrupted ones speech and rehabilitating one's vocabulary is the need of the day!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interesting facts!!

answers to life's little mysteries..........

Fact no#1-Bloody...

the word 'bloody' which we use so occasionally is actually invented by william shakespear actually is 'by your lady'which later on got corrupted down to by your lady.
he used it in his drama's.

Fact no#2-why do men have thier shirt buttons on the right wheras women have them on the left??

in the earlier days british women were the only ones who apparently wore shirts.and they were so rich that they had servants to dress them up.majority of the servants being
right handed ,buttons were stiched on the left so as to make it easier for them to dress thier mistresses up.wheras men usually dressed up themselves so had thier buttons
stiched on the right.

Fact no# 3-why do cats hate getting wet.??
have u evr noticed that your cat might probably not like having herself in the your pool.its not becuase she is afraid of the water....its just because it has some cleanliness fetish.
your cat wont get wet beacuse it figures it isnt worth all the effort needed to clean and dry itself with its toungue to enjoy somthing as superficial as marine frolic.unless you starve it
and stock it with fish,your cat is more like to reman land-locked