Sunday, September 20, 2009

Permanent disorders!

The world will end
The earth will combust
The moon will rise during the day
Cats will bark
Mahatma will be fully dressed
Zombies will become kind
Or if not that
I might take my last breathe
There are some things which I will NEVER EVER get right!

1)the confusion between *dhai* or *dedh*.
I still say *sade ek* and *sade do* :(
(umm I don’t think I got those spellings right,what I meant was the confusion between the hindi
Words of *1.30* and *2.30*)

2) i will never get my *right * and *left* right too.:(
This disorder is there in me since birth by default.
It gets worst when am travelling in autos and ask the driver to go left and I end up pointing towards
The right.after that not only do I go in the wrong direction but also listen to the drivers curses!

3)the difference between a *tee-shirt* and *shirt* :(.oh yeah! It might be easy for all you guys,but
I cant learn the art of teling them apart,even if I supposedly learn to tell them apart for a day after constant lessons from my friends,am back to 0 the next day.

4)my wrong reflexes.:(
I just cant understand why my body reacts always in that same and oh-so-incorrect way.
And that is *closing my ears*.
Ok people don’t laugh,I know it sounds silly,but I just don’t know why-how it happens.
For example,
If am driving,and something comes ahead,I leave the steering wheel and close my ears!
If a dog move past(well am petrified of them),I land up closing me ears again.
If someone throws a ball in my direction,instead of ducking ,I close my ears again.

Well,that’s all!
I have sort off gotten used to such disorders,
It’s a part and parcel of my life now
Sort of a secret funny identity!


Anoop said...

i closed my ears too instead of laughin life off... khe khe khe...

it was relli reellliii nice to read this... :D

haf fun

Anoop said...

i really like ur blogs... its diff from others u see...
thr was another 1 liner blog rite? tats my fav... :D

haf fun

varsha said...

wat r u sayin? i dont have any blog leaving this one!
but yeah thanks,
jeez i dint know i shared this abnormality with others too!

SiMbA tAgO said...

that was funny... yeah accepted at times foolish too to close ears rather sth else...

nice self describe...

Sourav !!! said...

Mahatma will be fully dressed ! LOL !

Remember every Mahatma and Ram Dev Baba, was once young and most probably sat in the nukkad waali chai dukaan, while staring blankly at nice girls and nicely dressed !

Confusions, used to be common between me and u, once upon a time:

Dhai (2.30) n dedh (1.30).. it's fine now ! :P

Papa asked me to remember "you WRITE with your RIGHT hand" and henceforth it was solved .. see if that can help you! :)

3. N/A on me, so SHAME on you! :P

4. Seriously N/A .. or I wouldn't have been blogging here, but enjoying the luxuries of heaven or hell :P

My one serious problem, which troubles me still, I can't differentiate between 'then' and 'than' .. notice my posts and comment sometime and you'll get to know :P

Anyways thanks for entertaining and awarding is real easy, put a picture of the award and name out the winners :P

Anoop said...

ur othwr blog means ur other blog post... :O
OMG! u misunderstood.. :|
i don remember its name.. my mistake :|

NEHA said...

o well!
tx me and only me who inspired u to 2 write this 1 lol
didnt i?
these guys above dont even have the slightest idea that i have to bear the brunt always :P

anyway m glad u mentioned them lol

i lyk wht jyo does in the rik while asking the driver to tk left or right haha

NEHA said...


and i forgot to mention tat i dont have any such disorders!

m so blessed and perfect u c!


Anonymous said...

Not a disorder, many have them :-)

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

aaree...aaare.... i still dont know d different between them ya...totally hi fi...

shirin said...

hey...i just read this.....
funny...even i dont use the word dhai n dedh!!!
well about the closing ears disorder...strange,very strange...:P

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

graveyard are horrific place

Anonymous said...


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Karishma said...

Found you!
you should start writing again..