Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mumbai \m/

A drunken man asleep on the footpath
People passing over him, beside him
No one bothered, no one concerned
A crowded BEST bus passing by
Jammed with people hanging onto their lives
A woman baking bhakris in the corner of the road outside her plastic sheet house
Her kids running around as if the roads, the cars, the street lamps, the dirt
Was their ultimate playground
Its 1 am, cars still running, people still walking, a glimmer of light still on within the building window
As if, it were just any part of the day
Just a few drops of rain
Brings the joy of a new road-pool
Trains running as if transporting half of India from station to station
People sitting on the rooftops, just like grass growing on pasture land
Here people are so immune towards blasts, to the extent that the next day
They get up, go off to work take the same route and the same train
In this place admission without donation is next to impossible
Here even the cheapest food is enjoyed by the
Richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor
It’s a place where people can live off from Rs 10 a day to Rs 10,000 an hour
It’s a city where billions is created from the poorest occupations
It’s a place where even a slum dog has paparazzi tailing around him
Starlets glitter around it
It can make nobody into a somebody and vice-versa
It has turned into a place where even sesame seed has no place
You can’t walk around without having a hundred people around you
It’s a melting pot of cultures, where in some still refrain to dissolve
It balances well between the snob south, and the primitive north
It's busy acting as the spinal cord of its nation, holding it erect
People crave to come here with sky high dreams, and ground scratch money
It might embrace it like a welcoming mother
Or cruelly cast it away
I crib, I complain……
yet i still hold on to it,love it.......
I will never ever kiss it goodbye
This is Bombay ,people
Yeh hain Mumbai meri jaan


NEHA said...

m speechless no reli
damn u r SO GOOD AT THIS

ending note was jus kickass

hmmm mumbai survives nly at the extremes


varsha said...
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varsha said...

kickass? o plzz dont exagarate....
am glad u liked it anyway
this will be my last post anyway *sob*
coll startin from monday
i will be busy solving mechanics as opposed to jotting down thoughts

Anoop said...

mumbai.. hmmmmmmmmmm...
i got a chance to work there...but i rejected...i jus hav heard ppl talkin abt local trains there...n tat was the only reason i don wanna come there...m kinda allergic to crowd.. :(
nice post..i liked it...

simply me said...

wow varsha!!..ur so amazing at it!!
u depicted every aspect of mumbai.....nice ...i loved it!

Sourav !!! said...

Varsha, you keep astonishing me with your writing skills and a thoughtful mind !

Have been, read and seen Mumbai too but seeing through the eye of an 18 year old couldn't have been any better ... very rightly, they say... Mumbai is a place where if you dare to dream, the world is yours :)

It wasn't 'kick-ass' ... don't know how people kick arses just by writing ... but this was a lovely, pleasant and deep read ... Keep thinking and writing !

And yeah you better take up the tag, I'd like to see that on your blog :P

shirin said...

fantastic.......this is the type of poem which should be printed in the 10th balbharathi........eng text......really good!

Jyo~* said...

this is just such a perfect description of mumbai, uve covered i guess practically everything!:)lol! varsha i hope they dont take this in our fyjc syllabus and write author-from internet!:P

varsha said...

@ sheetal-thank you *turns red with delight*

@sorav-i still wont keep the tag,thank u tho

@shirin and jyothsna-hsc text? is it that bad?

Jyo~* said...

nahi re... ur post is so out of thw world they would be humbled to use it as studying material so take care of it lest someone steals it:P

varsha said...

*blushes again with delight*

HaRy!! said...

never been to mumbai...but i get the pickture now...rite from the first line!! cya around...blogrolled yu!