Sunday, September 6, 2009

Way to go my pigeis!!!

Pigeons here ,pigeons there
Pigeons everywhere
Pigeons on the crook
Pigeons in your book
“o’ my darling pigeis I shalt shower thee
With wholesome wheat grains
For thou promise to hover over neha
Like a wart on the witches nose"

(ok i know this is a lame poem meant for 5 yr olds
but urmm i couldn't help but write it
and dedicate it to neha,whose horrified of nothing
in this world but of pigeons)


soin said...

other than your friend i guess all the statues are afraid of them too..

Sourav !!! said...

LOL .. Varsha, Iv read this on Neha's facebook status !! You were the one ! :P

Wanted to add few lines to it, but didn't ... and now I have lost 'em !

Neha - scared of pigeons !

Well dedicated post .. ! :D Loved it thoroughly!

P.S. Dnt dedicate such posts to me ever, it could be dangerous to you ... :P

Btw, where is the tag ... ??

NEHA said...


i cant beleive

i mean srsly y did i ever tel u

but wateva i got it now u can write awesomely even if i give u a for example an article like-"the" next time


Anoop said...

afraid of pigeons?? Wow!

Zeba said...


Urvashi said...

hmm..neha is horrified of pigeons...strange... !!! :P

Nice sweet poem.....rly sounds like a nursery cute one.. :)

shirin said...

LOL......this is hilarious!!!