Sunday, December 16, 2012

VOGUE eye wear

Hello people!
 Last week I received my brand new glasses from VOGUE. Gorgeous aren't they? I had a huge variety to pick from, so after a much debate and mental fuss I settled for these lovely vintage looking glasses. Am yet to get the power in them. So the whole point in being a ambassador is wearing them and flaunting it everywhere I go. I also had to take a couple of trial photos as to how it suited my friends.
    The best part about this brand is that they have a collection which suits every individuals personal style. You can team this up with a nerdy-look as well as any party look. Aren't they a handy accessory?

 This is how it looks on me (ignore the sticker, am yet to get the power in them).

Anyway! so there is this "Live life in vogue" contest going on.Upload any stylish picture and get maximum votes. You will win an all expense paid trip to Paris. Feel free to participate here

That's it for now.
Till then until next time

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Internship at Vogue

I bagged an internship at  VOGUE.....boooooooooyaaaaaaa. So everyone is asking me this "how is it related to engineering". It isn't. Its just something am doing for fun. So this internship is all about being an ambassador from Mumbai for VOGUE eye wear. Its for about 2 months.The best part is, I can stay at home and work. I'll be putting up pictures of all the VOGUE products I receive and reviewing them. Looking forward for your feedback.