Monday, February 25, 2013

The Four Fountains spa (Review+ GIVEAWAY)

Hello everyone!

Recently I got a call to review  'The Four Fountains Spa'. It offers a variety of spa along with beauty treatments. Their mission is to provide stress free treatments at affordable prices. These treatments have scientifically proven health benefits.
      You need to make a prior appointment before visiting the spa. They have 3 branches in Mumbai : Malad, Powai and Bandra. They started with a small stress test done by the receptionist. I had a total of 4/10 i.e mortal stress. He then asked me to fill a form which included details about my health. He also inquired whether or not I had any allergies. Then I had a look at the spa menu. You can check out their spa menu online here. The average rates are between 599-1599 I opted for the Rejuvinating facial meant for oily skin. 
A lady practitioner was assigned to me. She was excellent and overall facial was a big THUMBS UP.  My skin felt very soft , clear and smooth. The whole session lasted for an hour. I was offered a nice herbal tea post by treatment. He also gave me my next appointment date along with a free bottle of balm. They have this small bonus package of head massage given for free if we arrive prior to the date of given appointment.
So all in all it was a great experience. Here are my ratings:
Staff : 5/5
Hygiene: 4/5 
Value for money: 4/5
I would strongly recommend you guys to try it out. Check out their website for further details The Four Fountains Spa

Therapy room
This is the BEST part of the post. I am holding a small contest and winners will get the following .
  • 1st prize: Voucher for a Full Body Massage (60 mins) 
  •  2nd & 3rd Prize : Partial Body Massage (30mins)          
  I can also modify the number of winners based on the quantity and quality of participation.

Things you need to do to win :
  1. Like The Four Fountains Spa page on Facebook here
  2. Follow them on Twitter here (optional if you dont have a Twitter account )
  3. Follow me on Twitter here (optional if you dont have a Twitter account
  4. Write in at least 2 lines as 'Why do you need this spa treatment' in the comments section of this post. I would really appreciate some creative witty answers. 
Contest is open for participants only in India. Winners will get the above mentioned prizes and can enjoy them at The Four Fountains Spa's branches in any of the following cities: Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Aurangabad,  Goa.

Contest open till 31th March,2013.

 That's it for now. Looking forward for your participation.
Lots of love
- Varsha 



Monday, February 11, 2013


 To say "I love you" one must know first how to say the "I".”
― Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Javed Habib hair salon (review)

Hello everyone ,
        Getting the right hair cut is every girls big delima. Especially if you have curly hair like I do , mostly all types of cuts especially steps will look the same. There is literally no significant change. I actually go and tell people," look I got a hair cut ". Usually I get a trim regularly ( a must to avoid split ends) and a proper hair cut after about say 6-7 months tops. I get it cut from a local beauty parlor which costs not more than 300.
    So this time I really wanted something new and a cut which would look like I actually got a proper haircut. Javed Habib opened a new salon in Andheri east. I had visited him about 4years ago. I decided to give it a try again.
    First they shampooed and conditioned my hair. The guy who was going to cut my hair was voted as the 'best stylist of the month' .The stylist asked me what I wanted and how much length he could cut. He suggested I get layers which reduces the volume as I had too much volume and bounce in my hair. He finished cutting in like 15mins. The length was shorter than I had expected but its okay since he did an  absolutely brilliant job. He then blow dried and set my hair.
   The only problem is hair looks great when set by a blow dryer. But in the next wash your hair comes back to where to its orignal texture which is dissapointing. However if you have a straightner or a blow dryer then you can set your hair accordingly.
  They have a variety of hair treatments like hair spa etc. They also have other regular parlor services. Cannot say anything about it since I never tried it.So all in all the experience at Habibs was great because I got a haircut which actually made me look different. The total cost was
Rs 500. The staff was great and very coordial. It was totally worth the money. They also said if I had some  party I could drop by incase I wanted to get my hair done ( straightening, blow dry). Take a look at my cut.

Really different right? At the Andheri east branch, his assistants cut it. But if you want Javed Habib himself to style your hair you can visit the salon at Andheri west (Laxmi Industries).
That's it for now. For further details about this salon just contact Justdial and get their contact.
Lots of love,

Saturday, February 2, 2013

AT FAT CAT ( review)

Name: Fat cat
Category : Bars, Pubs, Lounges
Address: Veera desai road (andheri west), Mumbai
      Recently on my friend's birthday we decided to check out this place. The name itself is catchy. And hence it kindled the curiosity to try it out.
  Let's talk about the ambeince first. It is located in a residential area of veera desai road. There are tables to sit outdoors but I really found it congested.It is not what you would fancy for an 'open-air'. The inside however is well managed for space. Its a small intimate setting, with lots of wood work giving it that earthy feel. There is a small bar at the entrance and a stage where there is live music played on certain occasions which includes weekends.
     Next moving onto the drinks, service and food. The alcohol menu had everything what any regular bar would. We ordered Bailey's and old monk. For appetizers we ordered chillie chicken, bruceshetta. My friends who had chicken found it delicious whereas the bruschetta was rather bland and lacked flavor. Next we ordered a round of kamakazee shots which had a special offer : buy 4 shots and get another 2 for free. The shots were the worst part from everything we had. The lime and blue shots were so diluted we couldn't tell the difference between a lemonade and a shot. Next we ordered a veg pizza. There wasn't much to choose from when it came to main cource especially in veg as the whole menu lacked variety. The pizza was thin crust and was not something we would go 'yumm' for. We also went for a veg tangy pasta which was better than the pizza taste wise.
      The place started filling up after 9.30. The band came and the vocalist was a girl who sang coldplay and lots of other songs. The guitarists were damn good. Overall it was fun to have them. The total bill came down to 3,000.
It is definitely a tad bit overpriced.So all in all its a place to visit if you are looking to have some light fun and drinks. If you are looking to only eat good food, this is definitely not the place.
Ambience : 4/5
Alcohol: 3/5
Overall environment: 4/5
Value for money: 3/5