Saturday, March 21, 2009

People and thier misconceptions.....urghhhhhhh

The other day i was just going through my orkut friends list only to see some unexpected change of faces.That innocent,simple,yet being completely oneself was lost behind that make up of desirable fashion fatigueness and those eyes dabbed with fake contacs screaming with these two words'NOTICE ME'.i could do nothing laugh of how could people undergo such drastic changes and forgo one's character which one build and nurtured it for over twelve years.That enigma of innocense,and individuality was bid farewell too as well along with the school.
Its quite disheartning to see people losing their originality pretending to be something they see on the cover pages of 'vogue',ELLE' etc.
well coming down to my basic funda behind writing this is that,why dont people just accept the way they are?instead of undergoing some honestly hidious undesirable changes mentally as well as physicaly,only to land up being mocked up by people who laugh measuing the ratio of thier brain to might come down to say about -0.1:100.There are those morons whose retina cant even absorb the thier own real images.I mean,when i looked through those display pics i could find girls from my school or people whom i have met who were then simple turning into this wanabe diva.i mean c ' has Indian markets started producing that defective mirrors?
Not that am dead agaist undergoing self transformation.But then such transformation should take place in the right way.What i mean is everybody has the right to look pretty or be trendy no doubt..but theres always a fine line exisiting beyond which artificalness marks its presence and that definately is different for different people.God has definately shown signs of recession while bestwoing beuty among many of us.....but well has been exceptionally kind with lot of other people.No one cant change that....i agree.So theres so no use of turning a blind eye towards the fact.
Another catogory of display pics which couldnt espcape my gawky eyes was those cover pages of 'vogue' or 'elle' where one put up oneself's pic claming to be the best model on this earth.Some i agree deserved to be there and some...hmmmm......totally a big NO-NO.The extent of self-obsesion is taking its tolll.
I have always been a patron of fashion...but then i have always had a self awareness and i have always ristricted myself before that line because i see and accept what my perfect mirror reflects.
Anyways in the end of the day ...these are all my own individual thoughts and ideas.I am absolutly nobody to inforce these opnions onto someone whoes blindfolded oneself!and i mean no harm to anybody.peace out!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bugs me, Any way

At first i thought the guy who said'anyways' to me had some kind of a lisp.But gradually i was hearing it like,everywhere.You cant deny that 'anyways' has taken over young india,and even some our TV anchors regularly use it.Now,some of you ages under 29 must be wondering whats eating me.And whats the problem with saying "anyways" anyways?
I'll tell you.One,this juvenilism is ungrammatical.And, two,it reveals you've learnt much of oyur english from people
who started saying anywaysjust to be cute,and not from books where you'd only find anyway.Unless of cource you got it from reading stuff where some linguistically-challanged user of"anyways" was quoted directly and you couldnt tell right from you though it was right,
But lets be realistic 'anyways' exists already in many print and online dictionaries as a strictly colloquial variant of anyway.Thats s start,by which i mean that if morepeople use it in writing as well,anyways could become acceptable,standard english.And anywaycould in the future becomes archaic form.