Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bugs me, Any way

At first i thought the guy who said'anyways' to me had some kind of a lisp.But gradually i was hearing it like,everywhere.You cant deny that 'anyways' has taken over young india,and even some our TV anchors regularly use it.Now,some of you ages under 29 must be wondering whats eating me.And whats the problem with saying "anyways" anyways?
I'll tell you.One,this juvenilism is ungrammatical.And, two,it reveals you've learnt much of oyur english from people
who started saying anywaysjust to be cute,and not from books where you'd only find anyway.Unless of cource you got it from reading stuff where some linguistically-challanged user of"anyways" was quoted directly and you couldnt tell right from wronge.so you though it was right,
But lets be realistic 'anyways' exists already in many print and online dictionaries as a strictly colloquial variant of anyway.Thats s start,by which i mean that if morepeople use it in writing as well,anyways could become acceptable,standard english.And anywaycould in the future becomes archaic form.

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Jyo~* said...

Nice!!:):)anyways its okay re!"anyways" is really way too commonly used including by me ,my sms's always ends with anyways tc bye cya:P:P!!!o you know what i just realised my computer doesnt think it is grammatically wrong cause it has underlined doesnt but not anyways !lol!!!:D