Thursday, June 28, 2012

Going red

Heylo people!

So today is going to be an outfit post. My friend recently celebrated her 21 st bday so we had this huge bash. The theme was headgear for girls and tie for the guys. I was out of stock for dresses so I did what I do the best, went shopping. I came upon this lovely red dress. It has gold on the borders giving it a nice ethnic look. So going with the outfit I chose my favorite neck piece which I picked up from Kala ghoda festival.
Now for the headgear I was in a fix, so I decided to wear a simple red flower (handmade). And tadaaa I had a nice outfit. It does not suit the bill of a typical cliche party outfit but I somehow loved it since it was so different. Here are a few snaps of my outfit and the party. I am not much of a makeup person so I chose to keep it simple.
Dress: Bandra, bangles: Vero moda, Neck pice : Kala ghoda, earrings : diamonds vintage

And here are some headgear's worn by other girls.

That's Neha and me!
Make up (on me): Foundation: Revlon, gold sparkles: miss clair, lip gloss: Avon nude, eyeliner :Lakme
Bday girl (center)
 The most yummiest cake ever!

This is a closer look at the neck piece. I bought this from an artisan who came from Hydrabad in kala ghoda festival. Its made in brass. I call it the alpha male of all my ethnic wear. The earrings tagged along with it

Head over to check out my some chunky neck pieces here

That's it for now.
Coming up in next post- Product review of Neutregena fairness cream
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- Varsha

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get the best of ethnic wear....just a few clicks away!

Heylo people!

 Today's post is a guest post review about this leading online shopping website for Indian ethnic wear, crafts , decor, accessories. So here it goes....
Author bio: Ankita Mehra is an engineering student and blogger. She loves to write about Fashion and Bollywood clothing trends, spend most of her time in searching and reading about web and technology related articles. She is working with leading ethnic wear online store as a freelancer fashion content writer.

   Just a few years ago, shopping sprees meant the whole family putting on their best clothes, getting into the car, and setting off for hours, on a shop-to-shop escapade. While that was probably fun for the kids, it was a nuisance for adults, who had many better things to do, like may be watch a movie, or simply lounge on the couch watching TV all day long! Gratefully, with the advent of online shopping, we can finally reclaim our weekends, and be spared of waiting for forever outside try rooms, while our shopping companions try on dozens of clothes.
Online shopping can be quite an art, and there are some basic rules that you’ll need to master as a beginner. One of the biggest advantages that you get as an online shopper, is that of price comparison. Being liberated from the menace of bargaining, negotiating, and wondering if the next shop has the same thing at a cheaper price, you can finally shop in peace, with your choices neatly cascaded on a single window. Here are a few tips to save money while shopping online-

·         Subscribe to newsletters- It is a good idea to provide your email address to the websites that you love best, and keep a tab on their latest offers, discounts, and coupon codes through their newsletters.
·         Check out for websites with points on offer- Certain online shopping site allow you to accumulate points while you shop, and as these points get added up, you can redeem them for reasonable discounts.
·         Do not overlook shipping costs- What might appear to be an unbelievably priced item might end up being a lot more expensive when you add the shipping charges to it. Free shipping is always a plus for buyers, as it avoids rude shocks by the end of the deal.

Hoping you are now armed to get the best deals, there are a few other things that are worth considering as an online shopper. If for instance, you are on the lookout for ethnic Indian wear, India Emporium is a site that ticks on nearly everything that you could possibly want.
A relatively new website, it is experiencing a rapid rise in popularity, thanks to its amazing collection and terrific services. Right from sarees and lehengas to more basic outfits like salwar kameez suits and kurtis, it is a single stop for all things traditional. What’s more, you can even shop for jewelry and other accessories to complement each of your looks.
What I loved best about the website, was the fact that they offered customized tailoring for blouses and salwar kameez, which meant that when the order was delivered, it was ready-to-wear. This is an attractive feature to look out for, especially when shopping for ethnic wear online. I bought a lovely cotton salwar kameez suit, which fitted like a dream, and had no hidden costs. This lovely outfit has made it to my wish list and I can’t wait to place an order for it-
There must be a lot more terrific websites there, so just look out for the one that suits your needs best, and spread the word! India Emporium has been that website for me. I’d strongly recommend it to anyone with a love for Indian traditional wear.
 Tell me which your favorites are in the comments section below! 

Thats it for now!
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- Varsha

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Photoshoot for xoxo accessories

Heylo everyone!

My vacations couldn't get more exciting! XOXO accessories had organized this shoot so that their fans could know how exactly the jewellery looks and how to style it. So I send in some of my pictures and I got a call back. Minnat, the person behind XOXO send me the pictures of the accessories for which I had to model. It was this beautiful gold and black ethnic necklace, a huge crimson ring, animal print bangles, and a charm bracelet. The shoot was conducted in a very rustic looking place in Lokhandwala back road.
  So for the outfit I chose to wear my favorite black lace top ( I blogged about it here) and my olive green pants which I got it tailored. I chose to go for a dark eye make up and a nude lip gloss.
Here are some shots from the shoot.
Gold and black neck piece
Animal print+silver bangles
Crimson cocktail ring

Silver charm bracelet

If you happen to fall in love with the pieces you could check out their Facebook page here for further details. Yay! I made it to the cover photo ( for now! ). 
As a token of appreciation for the time and effort I spend they gave me a bag of goodies which contained these.
Long chained bird caged neck piece

Strawberry pendant necklace
 Heart shaped paper clips
Hand made book marks
Lovely aren't they? Anyway that's it for now.
Till then until next time !
- Varsha

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun With Babchi Extract (review)

Motive : A revolutionary gel, the only one in sun care range containing Babchi Seed extract and provides full spectrum sun protection. It also contains the only water soluble sun screen agent to protect against the ultra violet rays. It also claims to lighten the complexion and retard ageing process.

SPF: 20

Best suited : Oily to normal skin

Price: Rs 195/- 100gms

Usage: Apply  15-20 mins prior stepping out in the sun. With this product there is no need for another moisturizing cream. One pump of gel is more than enough.

What's different: Babchi seed extract and the oil-free gel. Anti ageing cream.

  • Quick absorption by skin on application leaving no trace of the gel
  • Retards ageing process so in case you are looking for a sunscreen + anti ageing cream this is definitely your product
  • Lightens skin complexion : When I applied this my skin tone did look a bit fresh
  • The spf : Lower spfs ( 15-30) are meant for dusky to dark complexioned people. So since this product provides only spf 20, lighter complexioned people might not go for this. But since its the season of monsoons going on you can opt for lighter spf's
Ratings: 4/5.
Yes! I would definitely recommend this product. Especially for the women getting troubles with ageing lines and who are fed up applying separate creams for every requirement, this surely is a compact combo for you'll. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Some like it hot (Review)

Hey everyone!
Today I am going to write a review about this place called 'Some like it hot'
Address:1st Floor, Mohid Heights, Lokhandwala Road, Versova, 4 Bungalows,  Andheri West , Mumbai 

     Some like it hot is bar and lounge ambiance, loads of shades of red used so it gives it an edgy look.They play really good English music(they also have TVs all over the place which played that crappy jershy shore of vh1)

 Happy hours timings are from 8.30 am-8.30 pm.This place offers Mexican, Italian, continental, pizzas, pastas and lots of other snacks(non-Indian)
Take a look at the menu.

We were a group of 3.The moment you climb the 1st floor, you enter the ambiance of masala mantar and front desk staff then leads you into this place.We got ourselves really cozy bright red couches.The staff is ready to accommodate you anywhere you want.
So since we were still well within the happy hours timings we ordered a blue lagoon which is a blue berry juice with vodka cocktail (Rs 260) and got one more free on it.We also ordered 2 kingfisher ultras on which we got one more free.
They had every type of drinks and cocktails.They even have an open bar.

Then for starters we ordered cheesy fries and Mexican chilli potatoes.The service was so quick.It came within 15 mins.The peanuts which you can see came with the alcohol.
cheesy fried and chillie potatoes
Then for the main course we ordered a hot and spicy pizza.They only offer thin crust.Pizza took some time to come but that's okay since the taste compensated for it.It really was yum.
They had large variety to choose right from risottos to pastas to some egg dishes.
hot n spicy pizza
And every meal is incomplete without a mega filling of sugar.Yes! deserts.There was less to choose from. We ordered Creme brule and B52.Okay b52 is the BEST desert on this whole earth.Its so yum you could lick the glass out.
creme brule

The bill came up to around 1200(with alcohol). So without alcohol an average meal for 2 would be around 500
The crowd is decent.Lots of teens and 20something youngsters (some were typical picture clicking crowd). There were also a few 30-ish people who came in after 10.The staff is really is good and polite and offer excellent service.
All in all I would rate this place a 9/10.
So if you are in Andheri west, do check out this place.
P.s- my crazy drunk friends
Till then until next time.
Happy reading !

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Accessories from the Neanderthal collection

Heylo everyone!
Here are the accessories from the Neanderthal collection seen in my previous post Neanderthal( collection by Shrin and Naqiya).They are all personally designed and made, hence are totally one of a kind.Check it out and leave your email id in the comments if you like anything and is interested to buy.

 The belt is reversible ie printed on one side and plain on the other with antique clasps.The print is similar to the one found on the garments.
Price: Rs400/- each.
Sizes are different so if you want any then please contact me we can discuss it
 It can be worn like this

Metallic Earrings.
Price: Rs100/-

Bling Neck piece.
Price: Rs350/-
It looks like this

Hairbands.The print on it is similar to the one found on the garments.
Price: Rs250/- each

Till then until next time happy reading!

Neanderthal (collection by Shirin and Naqiya)

Neanderthal is the graduating collection made by 2 budding talented  fashion designers from S.N.D.T university.They designed everything right from the accessories to the material prints.Their garments are clean cut and sophisticated and very commercially wearable.The collection has even been awarded as the "Best collection" award in the Shalom 2012 fashion show(Sndt university graduation students showcase their collection) which was judged by James Feraira himself.
Here are the garments from their collections.
Model: Shirin

This is the inspiration for the collection.For those of you who dont know about the neanderthal, in laymans words I'll say they were our ancestral "cave people"


                                                           Printed jump suit with a jute wrap

Jute wrap dress

Duo Maxi dress with keyhole at the back

The Trio dress

   Printed Palazzo pants with the Jute cowl top

The printed Kaftan gown with a deep V- neck at the back

The printed Bishop dress with the Asymmetric cropped jacket

And finally the 2 gorgeous designers: Shirin and Naqiya

 The garments are up for sale and for further details just leave your email id in the comments,I"ll get back to you with the details.And also the jackets are detachable so in case you need just that, its also available.Feedback about the collection is always welcome.
Till then until next time happy reading !!