Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black & White

Heylo people!
Don't we all agree that there is nothing more classic and vintage in this world than the combination of black and white? They both blend so well that you don't need anything else to add up to your outfit. So I wore this outfit to the Stayfree Indiblogger meet which was held in Trident (Mumbai). I really had no clue what to wear initially so I dig my black and white stripped skirt and wore it high waist on my formal white shirt. Added a thick black belt and tadaaa I got a great outfit. To go with the combination I carried my white Sworovski bag. Take a look at some of the pictures

That is my friend Neha:wearing a knitted dress from Lifestyle
Footwear we wore from Catwalk
Till then until next time,
Happy reading folks!
- Varsha

Thursday, July 19, 2012

CCD shot's

Heylo peole!
Today's post is not going to be anything related to fashion or style at all. It's just one of those vague thing's I come across in my daily course of life and happen to totally love and hence blog about it to let my lovely followers know.
Anyway, so my friend kept talking about these mango or chocolate shots (non alcoholic of course) which she had and never in my many visits to CCD have I ever seen or even heard about them. So I decided to check them out today and BAAM they are the like the best and the cutest little things of heaven. It is a small plastic shot sized glass filled with mango or chocolate. Plus they are so cheap. My personal favorite is mango. Here are a few snippets of them

This the mango shot. It has sweet cream and a rich mango pulp and a bit of mango jelly. It is only for Rs 20. 

This is the chocolate shot. The top most layer has a bitter dark chocolate layer followed by a rich deep chocolate sweet cream in the middle and bits of brownie crumble. So yum! Again it for Rs20

 The mango shot is much sweeter than the chocolate one. I would recommend have both that would be just Rs 40 with the additional Rs 10 tax, so that is a total of Rs 50 only. I mean it is totally worth it!
They come with plastic lids on top, so it is easily portable.
So, next time you are around CCD do try it out.

Till then until next time.
Happy reading !
- Varsha

Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY : Cut Your Own bangs

Heylo people!

Today is DIY post. Well, I am a HUGE fan of bangs specially front ones. They gave you this edgy look. The best part is that they go well with almost every kind of hair right from curly to straight. Earlier on I used to visit a hair stylist cut them, but then since they grow fast the frequency of the trips had to be increased. So I decided to cut them up myself. So I looked up a few videos on youtube and this one is by far the best. Its really simple. Have a look!

Isn't it really simple?
Here are a few personal tips :

1) Use basic scissors with which you are comfortable.

2) Always seperate out the hair to be cut first and pin it. Then take the rest of the hair and tie it up in a bun.

3) Go for a long cut, then go on reducing.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The statement Scarf

Brand Fashashi has come up with this beautiful statement scarf.
Printed statement scarf with a burnt, eaten up effect inspired by the sails of the Black Pearl from pirates of the Carribean! along with delicate ribbon detailing in the form of little bow.
It is up for sale.
Price: Rs 299/-
Anyone interested to buy, contact me.
till then until next time.
Happy reading!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Leopard Print

Heylo people!
Today's post is all about the beautiful,vivacious,enigmatic leopard print. Its simple yet one happens to look so elegant in it. Its a hit on the runways these days. Think about it, when you put on a leopard shrug and play with your hair a bit, add a dash of bright red lipstick, you do tend to assimilate mild wildness and carry that with sophistication. If you wear super high heeled leopard print pumps and enter a room, you sure will turn heads. Not only does it represent how bold you can get with dressing up, but it can also show how you can in cooperate this not-so-usual print in normal clothings.
So here are a few shots of leopard print apparel all made and designed by my super talented friend Shirin.

These are the shots of pretty Zainab wearing: Leopard print origami headgear

Leopard print pj's
Origami headgear

This is Neha wearing a Leopard print top

Anndd last but not the least the creator of all the apparel seen in the pictures is the great designer herself wearing one of her own creations, Miss Shirin Godhrawala owner of the brand 'Fashashi'.
Shirin wearing a dull gold Rajasthani brass neck piece
 Forgive the pose! She usually is a great poser :D. Her designs are really good, aren't they? So don't you guys think leopard print is such an easy and wearable print. Of course the cut and the material should be perfect or otherwise it would land up looking disastrous something like this.

            If you wear something this I'll personally come home and shoot you *winks*

So anyway that's it folks!
Till then until next time!
Happy reading...
- Varsha