Sunday, July 8, 2012

The statement Scarf

Brand Fashashi has come up with this beautiful statement scarf.
Printed statement scarf with a burnt, eaten up effect inspired by the sails of the Black Pearl from pirates of the Carribean! along with delicate ribbon detailing in the form of little bow.
It is up for sale.
Price: Rs 299/-
Anyone interested to buy, contact me.
till then until next time.
Happy reading!


Divine Blush said...

Pretty Post .. nice blog dear..

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Life is a fairytale said...

Such a vibrant photography! :) I love how happy you are in this :)
Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! :)
I am following you too :)
Happy Blogging! :)
Namita <3

varsha said...

Hey thanks! but thats not me.Its the girl who made the scarf :)

varsha said...

Hey thanks! but thats not me.Its the girl who made the scarf :)

SIYAAM said...

Thanks for comment on my Blog :)
LOVE the scarf & your hair is gorgeous! SS

SIYAAM said...

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ZxM Fashion Addicts said...


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Andrea said...

Really like scarfs!!! I want a statentscrf with the usa fag printed on it so cute!WOuld you please consider folloing each other?

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varsha said...

Hey thanks !
I am from India

Annie said...

Such pretty pictures - love the sheer scarf!

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hello sweetie,I love your blog and this post! you have a new follower too:)
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Cool pictures!

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gaby Jimenez said...

amazing scarf

very unique


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Nice post :)
Amy x

Anthea Lau said...

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Nice scarf! I really like it, it's so unusual! *.*
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Victória said...

Lovely pictures, the scarf is beautiful!

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wow! this scarf is so cool!

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Corner Curl Girl said...

I love scarves! I recently wrote about wearing them in the summer too. I wear them around my hair too. :) Great post!


Aathira said...

That is such a cool scarf!! Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. Your blog is really nice so I'm following you.


Eccentric Connoisseur said...

Love the scarf<3 such a lovely print.
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Eccentric connoisseur
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A Possible Fantasy said...

that scarf is just gorgeous! love those colors!

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Life's a shoe said...

you look great I love your scarf

Grazziella said...

Nice blog
Great pictures !! Love the scarf

Peace out from France

LittleMucli said...

NIce pic!!!!

olivia giovanni said...

great outfit and cool pictures!