Sunday, December 16, 2012

VOGUE eye wear

Hello people!
 Last week I received my brand new glasses from VOGUE. Gorgeous aren't they? I had a huge variety to pick from, so after a much debate and mental fuss I settled for these lovely vintage looking glasses. Am yet to get the power in them. So the whole point in being a ambassador is wearing them and flaunting it everywhere I go. I also had to take a couple of trial photos as to how it suited my friends.
    The best part about this brand is that they have a collection which suits every individuals personal style. You can team this up with a nerdy-look as well as any party look. Aren't they a handy accessory?

 This is how it looks on me (ignore the sticker, am yet to get the power in them).

Anyway! so there is this "Live life in vogue" contest going on.Upload any stylish picture and get maximum votes. You will win an all expense paid trip to Paris. Feel free to participate here

That's it for now.
Till then until next time

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Internship at Vogue

I bagged an internship at  VOGUE.....boooooooooyaaaaaaa. So everyone is asking me this "how is it related to engineering". It isn't. Its just something am doing for fun. So this internship is all about being an ambassador from Mumbai for VOGUE eye wear. Its for about 2 months.The best part is, I can stay at home and work. I'll be putting up pictures of all the VOGUE products I receive and reviewing them. Looking forward for your feedback.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Catwalk Bellies

My latest investment in footwear., bellies by Catwalk. They are so comfy and have special soft cotton inside unlike the other brands which are really hard from inside. There was a different color available in black with a red bow. But I fell for the classic white and black.

Upside Down Apple cake

I was going through the latest issue of Femina magazine and that's where I came across this mouth watering caramelized apple cake. I decided to give it a go since I had all the ingredients available.

The base cake is the normal sponge base just with a tablespoon of Cinnamon powder.
For the caramalized top, melt 180gms brown sugar in a pan and when it melts add 3 tablespoons of butter. Mix well. pour it in the cake tin and place the cut-cored apple wedges on it. Make the rest of the sponge mixture and add on top of it. Bake for 30mins at 200degrees. Flip it out on plate as soon as you remove it from the oven so that caramel doesnt harden.

Tips to be taken care  of while baking this cake:
1) Make sure the brown sugar doesn't burn and remove it off heat once it turns into an amber color liquid.

2) Add 250 gms of butter for extra moistness.

3) Do not add more than a tablespoon of Cinnamon to prevent the over powering taste.

4) Flip the cake out as soon as you get it out of the oven.

5)Serve warm with whipped cream and tea/cofeee.


Till then untill next time,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Vibrancy: DIY

While scrolling down my Facebook news feed I came across this photo shared by ONLY India. It's all about turning your boring black bow pins into vibrant hair accessories. Check it out


1) Select any vibrant shiny nail paints. Preferably sparkles.

2) Stick them up on a stiff paper.

3) Paint them and let it to dry.

4) you can do paint the lower side as well. That's optional as its never seen

5) Once totally dried apply a coat of gloss just do to prevent it from chipping.

6) Stick them in your hair and make your hair look stylish and vibrant

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vodafone Indiblogger Meet With A F1 Twist

With about 4 ounces of the warmth of the Indi team, 2 tablespoons of spiciness of Lewis Hamilton, a zest of the  crunchy bloggers, we got a delicious meet yet again at the Grand Hyaatt on the 16th September, sponsored by Vodafone.
At the entrance of the banquet hall was the Maclaren Mercedes car.
      The meet started with the spot prizes games (which I never win ! ). They gave out Vodafone usb keychains. Surprise ,Surprise! Vodafone actually gave out free stuff for the first time. The fact that they all turned defective is altogether a different story. The asst. Brand manager of Vodafone came up to speak about how Lewis Hamilton will be coming in for a demo drive, and we bloggers have the special chance to talk to him. He also mentioned we"ll be getting VIP seats at the demo drive ( wohooooooo). He was keen on any receiving feedback about Vodafone from us. I curbed the urge to ask why do I always get lengthy bills. But anyway, there were others who expressed their feelings, mostly negative. No surprises there!
Brand manager from Vodafone (Photo courtesy: Indiblogger )
Personally, I had no clue who Lewis Hamilton was. Neither do I know the F of formula one. I fed my brains from Wikipedia about a bit of this and that about Lewis and formula one, just so I look like I know my stuff at the meet.
    The next round was the usual introductions aka '30 secs of fame'. Half way down, the Indi team heard the gianormous roars from our stomachs and hence declared lunch. The food was bad. Nothing appealing.Deserts were a tad bit okay-ish. The cheese cake was the worst. Seriously, Hyatt, you could do better next time.
Suckiest cheesecake ever
 Back to the meet, we had another round of the typical trait of Indiblogger and that is the comments board. Its basically, you around with the board on your back, and people write down their blog urls or twitter handles, just so you remember whoes who when you go back home.

Photo courtesy: Indiblogger
Photo courtesy: Indiblogger

Me. Photo courtesy: Indiblogger
Photo courtesy:ME
And then the best part of event was when Lewis Hamilton entered. Everyone went crazy with their cameras. I must say, he was more than I expected from the pictures. He looks like complete chilled out dude with hot diamond piercings. I must say he is the ONLY person who has managed to carry them well. All the bloggers asked him questions, to which he gladly replied. Someone actually asked, "if you can do the donuts, can you do jalebi ,vadapav". He was off in 15mins,  after which everyone clicked pictures with the 2nd Maclaren Mercedes.
Me with fellow blogger Karishma Rawat
We were then given the Indi tshirts and passes, after which we were driven to BKC in the bus. Must admit the walk from parking lot to the seats was painful, all thanks to the heels I wore) . We got ear plugs and cotton sobs to save us from the deafening noise of the car , and the Vodafone balloons to cheer. It took about 2 hours for the race to start. There was an enormous amount of crowd present all waiting for Lewis. We were treated with entertainers performance which was really cool.

Photo courtesy: Karishma Rawat
 Couldn't capture the pictures though. Sucks right? But you can check them out here. The chief minister of Maharastra Mr Prithvi Raj Chavan waved the checkered flag. Then hold on! what's life without some drama right?
    The rain gods couldn't stand my excitement and started pouring like crazy. So we had to run and get some shelter, so I missed the first lap. But that's okay, since he took 5 so I could catch up easily. The sound was deafening. Crowds went crazy. It was one heck of an experience.
The security was so busy watching the race and clicking photos that they forgot that there were hoards of people breaking the barricades and entering the VIP area.
The security having fun ( Photo courtesy: Mumbai Mirror)
Lewis Hamilton doing the drive.
This picture of him almost says,'Am too sexy for my car'. This lucky blogger Wafaa got to ride with him. Jealous much? Well, I was at least.
You can see him doing the famous donuts, no jalebi, vadapav okay?  In this video uploaded by Indiblogger here which is recorded by someone under the name of  'TheReportLive' on youtube.
The best part of these meets is definitely catching up with your fellow bloggers and meeting new people. I met Karishma, Neha, Magali, my 3 regular blog pals.
Photo courtesy: Magali Vaz

Karishmas Instagram
I couldn't figure which one is the best so I put both. Call it diplomacy or what.
 Well, that's that! I await my vodafone maclaren series tshirts promised by Vodafone till then.
Until next time,
- Varsha

Monday, September 3, 2012

The High Lounge, Sahara Star (review)

Hey guys!
After much heard hype about this place me and my girl friends decided to go clubbing out here last Saturday. So here is my review about the nightclub.
Category : Nightclub

Address: Sahara star hotel, Santacruz.

Review: The moment you drive through the hotel you have to pass this really strict car checkup, and once that's done you can step out and the valet guy will take care of the rest. The main entrance leads you to this exclusive lobby with seating arrangements can be seen. The wooden walls block the actual view of the hotel. Once you pass the main lobby and enter the main area the whole place just lights up as you step into this magnificent center of the hotel. It gives you the feeling of entering some Dubai hotel.
The center of the hotel
        To go to the High Lounge you pass this restaurant called 'Namak' and go through a waiting queue as the bouncers check every guest. There are 2 bouncers present and if you look young they ask your id's (minimum age limit: 21). We were on a guest list so we go through easily. They stamped our hands with some invisible ink. We then entered these sleek flight of steps leading into the lobby of the High lounge where there was a bar and huge sofas. There was another bouncer at the entrance of the dance floor where he checked our stamps in this neon light. There is small area outside the dance floor for smoking. The dance floor is 2 rooms joined together.The one where the Dj is has a really loud music. In case you cant stand loud music, you can always dance in the other room.We were early and there were very few people at that time. The music was already playing. The dj was Dj Aman. Even when people started filling in, nobody really hit the dance floor, it was 11.45 by the time people actually started doing the grooves
Lobby and bar outside the High Lounge
                The only disappointing fact of this place is the Dj and his choice of music. For the first one hour, the music was medium paced. The songs he played mostly were by unknown artists. The only well known ones he played was waka waka, stan -eminem, angel eyes. No Bollywood songs were played. Which was really boring because, Bolylwood songs are the best to get pumped up.
      Lets talk about the crowd. The crowd was decent, mostly couples. There were also a lot of only guys and girls groups. Some couple were making out and security warned them. Saturday night was VIP nights.
The security is really tight. The guy was on constant watch for everyone. You cannot remove your heels or shoes and dance, else he will come and warn you. The place was not so congested,even though it happened to be a Saturday night. They gave free vodka shots for girls but from what I heard it was very diluted with orange juice. Some girls were pulled up on the table and given the shots and were expected to dance. While the other guys came personally and poured in your mouth.
We dint try the drinks so I cannot comment much about it. Though a normal pint of beer was for around 300. The rest you can check up on Zomato or Burrp. A small bottle of water costs Rs100.
Smoking area outside the dancefloor
 I couldn't get more pictures.
    The club closed by 3 am.
Overall I would say, its a okay good place to go if you like to move at English music. Otherwise, HYPE is the next best option where they play awesome Bollywood music.

Ratings: 7/10

Until next time,
- Varsha

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Diaries

Heylo everyone,
So I finally decided to do a post on my birthday. It was on 8th Aug( I know am late but, bleh!). I don't even feel like I have turned 21! Anyway talking about the day, it was spend in a very well relaxed manner during the day. In the evening my friends came over and then we went to a lounge for drinks and dinner. That;s that, nothing fancy. But that's how I like things to be :). The highlight of the day was my friend Michelle baked the best red velvet cake on this earth. Here are the pictures.
Red velvet cake
Lychee martini

Complimentary brownie given by the staff

Until next time,
- Varsha

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Body Shop haul

Hey guys!
Today's post is all about body shop. I recently visited 'The Body Shop' store  in palladium and indulged in a few products. This is what I bought 

I decided to use them first then write a review.
So here it goes...


 Dandruff is like a leech. It just never seems to get enough of you. I have tried all the possible treatments on planet earth and trust me after 3 months its back to square one. I even paid an exuberant price for the dandruff treatment at KAYA but all in vain.
Then I decided to give this a go. You might be thinking I am over exaggerating but trust me am not. This shampoo is like the perfect solution for m dandruff. I have been using it for 2 months now and the results are super.

Claims: Flake clearing, scalp sooting shampoo with ginger extract 

Price: Rs 725/- for 400ml

Ratings: 9/10


This face wash gives the best cooling effect on your face than most of the products I have tried. Seaweed is a different element in the day to day beauty products but it has proven to be good.

Claims: Refreshing gel, removes impurities , makeup , and excess oil.
 Skin type: Combination/oily skin

Price: Rs 495/- for 100 ml

Ratings: 8/10
 It definitely lives up to the claim of removing the excess oil and make up.


This is just another aloe vera soap though slightly over priced.

Price: Rs 95

Ratings: 7/10
The negative would be the early reduction of the soap than the usual time.

I also got a complimentary pouch from them for doing a purchase above a certain limit.

 Thats it for now.
Until next time,

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hey guys!

Bags, bags, bags... don't we just love them. How many ever we own it will always be 'less is more'. So, anyway since Raksha Bandhan was today and my birthday (pssstt.... am turning 21) is coming up next week, my brother gave me this hugee ALDO bag as a gift. I sort off feel like a kid carrying those backpacks so I prefer using huge handbags. And plus I like bags with one single spacious compartment where I can just dump things in one place and not keep unzipping several compartment zips.I love the way it swallows my books easily It has just 3 private compartments. I like brands that offer sophisticated looks unlike ESBEDA which is like all blingy. My previous bag (coco blue Baggit) has been molested and raped in the train so he guessed I needed a new bag. I like bags with definite shapes. Shapeless bags look plain shabby. Have a look at the pictures

Front side
Back side
Single spacious compartment
Till then until next time,
Happy reading!
- Varsha

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black & White

Heylo people!
Don't we all agree that there is nothing more classic and vintage in this world than the combination of black and white? They both blend so well that you don't need anything else to add up to your outfit. So I wore this outfit to the Stayfree Indiblogger meet which was held in Trident (Mumbai). I really had no clue what to wear initially so I dig my black and white stripped skirt and wore it high waist on my formal white shirt. Added a thick black belt and tadaaa I got a great outfit. To go with the combination I carried my white Sworovski bag. Take a look at some of the pictures

That is my friend Neha:wearing a knitted dress from Lifestyle
Footwear we wore from Catwalk
Till then until next time,
Happy reading folks!
- Varsha