Monday, September 3, 2012

The High Lounge, Sahara Star (review)

Hey guys!
After much heard hype about this place me and my girl friends decided to go clubbing out here last Saturday. So here is my review about the nightclub.
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Address: Sahara star hotel, Santacruz.

Review: The moment you drive through the hotel you have to pass this really strict car checkup, and once that's done you can step out and the valet guy will take care of the rest. The main entrance leads you to this exclusive lobby with seating arrangements can be seen. The wooden walls block the actual view of the hotel. Once you pass the main lobby and enter the main area the whole place just lights up as you step into this magnificent center of the hotel. It gives you the feeling of entering some Dubai hotel.
The center of the hotel
        To go to the High Lounge you pass this restaurant called 'Namak' and go through a waiting queue as the bouncers check every guest. There are 2 bouncers present and if you look young they ask your id's (minimum age limit: 21). We were on a guest list so we go through easily. They stamped our hands with some invisible ink. We then entered these sleek flight of steps leading into the lobby of the High lounge where there was a bar and huge sofas. There was another bouncer at the entrance of the dance floor where he checked our stamps in this neon light. There is small area outside the dance floor for smoking. The dance floor is 2 rooms joined together.The one where the Dj is has a really loud music. In case you cant stand loud music, you can always dance in the other room.We were early and there were very few people at that time. The music was already playing. The dj was Dj Aman. Even when people started filling in, nobody really hit the dance floor, it was 11.45 by the time people actually started doing the grooves
Lobby and bar outside the High Lounge
                The only disappointing fact of this place is the Dj and his choice of music. For the first one hour, the music was medium paced. The songs he played mostly were by unknown artists. The only well known ones he played was waka waka, stan -eminem, angel eyes. No Bollywood songs were played. Which was really boring because, Bolylwood songs are the best to get pumped up.
      Lets talk about the crowd. The crowd was decent, mostly couples. There were also a lot of only guys and girls groups. Some couple were making out and security warned them. Saturday night was VIP nights.
The security is really tight. The guy was on constant watch for everyone. You cannot remove your heels or shoes and dance, else he will come and warn you. The place was not so congested,even though it happened to be a Saturday night. They gave free vodka shots for girls but from what I heard it was very diluted with orange juice. Some girls were pulled up on the table and given the shots and were expected to dance. While the other guys came personally and poured in your mouth.
We dint try the drinks so I cannot comment much about it. Though a normal pint of beer was for around 300. The rest you can check up on Zomato or Burrp. A small bottle of water costs Rs100.
Smoking area outside the dancefloor
 I couldn't get more pictures.
    The club closed by 3 am.
Overall I would say, its a okay good place to go if you like to move at English music. Otherwise, HYPE is the next best option where they play awesome Bollywood music.

Ratings: 7/10

Until next time,
- Varsha


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Gorgeous place. I like the high ceiling. And how beautiful do you girls look?

eSky Ltd said...

Fantastic place with best crowd of town. Really love the place and I am there once in a month.

eSky Ltd said...

Awesome and wonderful place. I really like the music and best of mumbai crowd there.

I am usually there on friday night .. so catch you people sometime there