Sunday, August 19, 2012

Body Shop haul

Hey guys!
Today's post is all about body shop. I recently visited 'The Body Shop' store  in palladium and indulged in a few products. This is what I bought 

I decided to use them first then write a review.
So here it goes...


 Dandruff is like a leech. It just never seems to get enough of you. I have tried all the possible treatments on planet earth and trust me after 3 months its back to square one. I even paid an exuberant price for the dandruff treatment at KAYA but all in vain.
Then I decided to give this a go. You might be thinking I am over exaggerating but trust me am not. This shampoo is like the perfect solution for m dandruff. I have been using it for 2 months now and the results are super.

Claims: Flake clearing, scalp sooting shampoo with ginger extract 

Price: Rs 725/- for 400ml

Ratings: 9/10


This face wash gives the best cooling effect on your face than most of the products I have tried. Seaweed is a different element in the day to day beauty products but it has proven to be good.

Claims: Refreshing gel, removes impurities , makeup , and excess oil.
 Skin type: Combination/oily skin

Price: Rs 495/- for 100 ml

Ratings: 8/10
 It definitely lives up to the claim of removing the excess oil and make up.


This is just another aloe vera soap though slightly over priced.

Price: Rs 95

Ratings: 7/10
The negative would be the early reduction of the soap than the usual time.

I also got a complimentary pouch from them for doing a purchase above a certain limit.

 Thats it for now.
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Thanks so much for this!! I am totally going to try out that Body Shop Shampoo :)
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