Friday, June 15, 2012

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun With Babchi Extract (review)

Motive : A revolutionary gel, the only one in sun care range containing Babchi Seed extract and provides full spectrum sun protection. It also contains the only water soluble sun screen agent to protect against the ultra violet rays. It also claims to lighten the complexion and retard ageing process.

SPF: 20

Best suited : Oily to normal skin

Price: Rs 195/- 100gms

Usage: Apply  15-20 mins prior stepping out in the sun. With this product there is no need for another moisturizing cream. One pump of gel is more than enough.

What's different: Babchi seed extract and the oil-free gel. Anti ageing cream.

  • Quick absorption by skin on application leaving no trace of the gel
  • Retards ageing process so in case you are looking for a sunscreen + anti ageing cream this is definitely your product
  • Lightens skin complexion : When I applied this my skin tone did look a bit fresh
  • The spf : Lower spfs ( 15-30) are meant for dusky to dark complexioned people. So since this product provides only spf 20, lighter complexioned people might not go for this. But since its the season of monsoons going on you can opt for lighter spf's
Ratings: 4/5.
Yes! I would definitely recommend this product. Especially for the women getting troubles with ageing lines and who are fed up applying separate creams for every requirement, this surely is a compact combo for you'll. 

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