Monday, August 31, 2009


Passing by the street,

Saw a mob gathered,

Heard a helpless cry, another violent rage,

Peeped in,

Saw an old ‘human’ man being ruthlessly beaten up,

By another ‘inhuman’ human with a stick,

Hands itching to go snatch that stick,

My mind screaming to the rest of the crowd, “GO DO SOMETHING!!!”,

But they stood still, as if,

Witnessing a free Broadway show,

My mind got split into 2 parts:

Part 1:”why mess with something which isn’t your business?

Forget it and walk away”,

Part 2:”go do something can’t just walk away like that as if u dint see anything!”

I bet every ‘human’ mind standing there would be going through the same mind war,

After a mind blogging battle part 2 succumbed to part 1,

I shamelessly put my head down and walked ahead.

All the while I couldn’t help stop being guilty,

All of a sudden

This shop with an amazing sale comes right up,

Memories of the past 10 minutes instantly erased,

I went in,

Shopped, shopped and shopped,

Came out,

With a fresh stalk filled in my mind,

Constantly thinking of the purchase my arms now carrying,

And then suddenly out of nowhere part 1 striked,

“What must have happened to that old man?”

Part 2:”who cares? Someone must have done something…umm maybe nothing.

Anyway you have come a long way from there. who wants to walk all the way back?

plus you have your new purchase to flaunt.quick,go!”.


I turned away, pushed everything at the back of my mind, shutting the doors of ‘part 1’.

And that day,

I not only walked away from that helpless old man..his merciless assassinator..

Those mind-battling statue-still audience..

But from ‘humanity’……


Anoop said...

every1 mite hav thot the way u thot..
nobody cares...
i don usually do...hmmm...

Sourav !!! said...

How old are you Varsha, are you 45 and still in your grads, coz your words are deeper and has more sense than most girls of your age can have !

The best thing abut this post was conversation between the two parts of you .. this post was really realistic, the most we do on seeing such a sight is either to be a spectator to 'free-drama' or just sympathizing with your full heart and do absolutely NOTHING !

P.S. read the post, yesterday night, but was too moved to write a comment thn !

keep writing ... you got a READER in me ! :) love with me and life

NEHA said...


wtf? did u really write that?

damn yaar too good

i always ALWAYS think of the 2 parts u mentioned

finally concluding what v discussed 1 evening and i wont feel un-sophisticated if i use it here ham sab harami hai

i mean reli

i know v arent left with much option

the world is such n v cant help it

and also tat it is not at all advisable for anyone to fall in between a mumbai street fights

great going yaar finally i m liking reading poems or wateva type is ur this particular post

hmmm gr8

aila word verification mere madat k bina kaise nikala :P


varsha said...

@anoop-yeah i know there are like hardly a whole in the wall type of people who go ahead and help

@sorav-am very much 18.i just wish i had the guts to go do glad u liked wat i write.

@neha-yeah the world is such we cant really do anything,but if evryone thinks such then toh nothing will ever happen.anyway i cant lecture anyone about it to anyone,because i myself is in-different from evryone else.
now i longer need ur help for such stuff ok,i have finally leanred to stand on my own feet m'am!! :p

simply me said...

good concept varsha!.we all need to think about it.... each and every person in the crowd must have had their minds in two parts. but if everybody would have united and fighted against that inhuman fellow humanity would definitely win!