Sunday, August 9, 2009


had a viva today

dint read a word

went to class

sat behind

got buried

behind those huge backs

thought became invisible !

he came

he saw

got picked

questioned me

which dint penetrate

stood there

stared and stared

partner whispering

brains rattling

memories of past class

pointlessly doodling

mind wandering

teacher blabbering

oh yes!bulls-eye!

finally,made up!

blurted out

with cofidence,over confidence!

partly correct

partly wronge

fingers crossed

under the desk

gave a sheepish griin

flushed eye lids

thats it

work done!

he laughed

he noded

i sat

partner got picked

got screwed

everyone did

but me

yay me!

lucky me!!


NEHA said...

haha nice one again...
u knw i will never master this act of writing poems...
m stil thriled at the fact tat u wrote this 1 while v wer chting...

varsha said...

it isnt a poem....just a bit of something from nothing

Urvashi said...

Hey..nice work...!!
No jargaons......simple yet so amazing.... !!

varsha said...

thank u!......

Anoop said...

this one is so nice... khe khe khe...
how do u get these ideas/??? ;)

i love copy-pastin... i mean ideas... khe khe khe...

keep writin.. i ll spy on u.. ;)

haf fun

varsha said...

ermm its not an idea,it happaned for real.but i gues i exaggerated a bit here,lol,dint realy flirt with the prof.