Friday, August 14, 2009

click click..............

there are many times when am just soo totally bored,and pointlessly doing nothing in particuar and
if at all i happen to have my cell phone beside me,i just go click,click.

this is my fully disected cockroach during my practicals in biology lab.
actually i wanted to take a video of me disecting it,but urmmm i dint want to cover my cell with cockroach fat.
i dont understand why people go on whining about it,when disection is COMPLETE FUN :D :D

my workplace.
ultra fat books-check
cell phone(texting considered as a must break)-check
bottle of water-check
pen case-check
clock(utmost nessesary to set a countdown for the end of study time and to flee off)-check

this was taken out side my college,the 1st one shows a 3 phase junction box,imersed in water during one of those mumbai-driped-in-water-days.imagine if there would
be any faulty wiring, *shudders*.and well the next day it was all dried up.

and this is my brother's work on our c.p.u.genius! isnt it!

and i just love this pic,because it just very well portrays how blank my mind can be at times

this is done by me,and 2 of my friends in bid to kill one of the longest afternoons of my life.and well it turn out to be great

this is my room,part of it can be seen.but this is my favourite place

this pic is well hilarious.thanks to the clip arts on the cell phones.i apologize to all the hitler fans.

(p.s-thank you my dearest neha for arranging these pics for me,you wouldnt have to do so if only my knowledge about such things would have been adequate.



NEHA said...

i never thought this post would be published anytime soon in near future...
damn so much of work for me...
n btw u mention me nly in the last line...huh?
i was expecting a whole post 4 tat...
well my fav will b the comp table i think its reli cool...

varsha said...

i sumhow prefer the disection ones

Urvashi said...

The CPU art work...the books near ur comp table,ur books on table wid clock.... n the colourful band of colors across the screen....n HITLER liked them all.. :)

simply me said...

loved the glass painting!!

varsha said...

yeah....all thanks to the great art legend varsha...*ahem ahem*

deluded said...

hitler is pissed.

varsha said...

hitler on the contrary doesnt need a valid reason to be pissed,the very fact of his own existance and pissed him off

Sourav !!! said...

Wow .. nice clicks Varsha ... but better was the description ... Did you bisect a cockroach ... that was gross, I can't even kill a mosquito ... To be Dr., coz these are the only who get paid to cut thru people ... are you one of 'em ?? ;)

Liked your blog ... I'm stalking you from now onwards :P

And yeah ... come to my blog, I'm sure you might like something there too (yeah, you need to follow and comment, if at all you like it) :D

In love with me and life

Keep clicking and smiling :)

varsha said...

urmm yeah and i an earthworm too,as i said its fun disecting them

Stupidosaur said...

Yeh. dissections were fun. Till class 12 biology.

Then I switched to enginErring.
That Erring may not be a typo ;)

But I started dissections long back.

Makode pata hai? Those big black ant shaped ones, ones with huge heads and snapping jaws and which come out a lot in monsoon? I don't know what they are called in English.

But I dissected them as a little kid. How? With their own help! I picked one carefully from behind, such that is snapping jaws could not bite me. Then I picked another one up ad brought its neck between the jaws of the first one. They immediately shut as the dumb makoda1 thought it was the thing that was holding it (The actual culprit, my hand was safe and out of reach :P).
So the head of the makoda 2 got cut off, but still held firmly in makoda1's jaws (The makodas are quite determined and belligerent that way :P) Next I made a makoda 3 bite off head of makoda 1, makoda 4 bite off head off makoda 3 and so on. So I would have a long chain of makoda heads, like they have garlands of skulls in non-scary hindi horror movies.

I spent many long peaceful afternoons like this instead of glass painting.

So? Am I Hitler then? Well, its the makodas that drew first blood. Literally! If you step on them accidentally, the ones with big heads bite. really hard! really really hard. It bleeds. And even when you try o pull them off your skin, they just do not leave. So finally when you pull strongly, it tears away some skin and a tiny pinhead piece of flesh :P. They didn't even understand that I stepped on them by accident, not malice :P. So after having my flesh bitten off a few times and bled, I decided to put my foot down! But realised that putting my foot down on the big hard bodied makoda would only get me bitten mercilessly once again :P

Thats when I came up with the idea of using against them their own weapon (jaws) and tendency to not leave some after sinking jaws into it :P

Quite mean second standard student I was eh?