Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 easy ways to let the steam off my ears..........

there are many things in life which i just CANT CANT tolerate.among which some need a very special here they are:

1)people who are smart

2)people who think they are smart :p

3)sprays of pan spits in any random corners
seriously! sometimes i feel like chasing them with a needle-thread to stich up their mouths

4)people with terrible grammar,and bad pronounciation(these include people saying 'is-school' as opposed to the simple'school',or maybe even confusion between tenses,oh yeah last but not the least some morons actually land up callin 'he' a 'she' and vice-versa

5)gujju people makiing rigorous attempts to immitate american accents.

6)patchwork jeans,jeans with hidious patterns...omg.....they make some sight *shivers*

7)people who pose to be 'che guera' fans by wearing his tee's and bags,because their lame sense of style think its cool!!
(for heavens sake,he isnt some fashion accessory,he's a legend!!)

8)piercings at funny places on the human body

9)people who burp because they think its funny

10)people who use those oh-so-irritating short forms while chatting
1.'ma' for 'my'
2.'da' for 'the'
3.'dat' or 'tat' for 'that'



"TAT" was a very nice post!


go to hell i will continue...

varsha said...

u were born to irritate the hel out of me..and gess what..u succeed!

Urvashi said...

Hey..liked ur blog...I too agree to some of ur points on this post..likehow ppl try to act samrt n abt ppl with bad grammar n pronounciations...

But I dont think All Gujjus try to fake American accent..Jus kidding...!! :)

Anyways..Keep writng..Happy b'day :)

varsha said...

thank you!

shirin said...

nice......but why cant you tolerate smart ppl????
tht means you cant tolerate me???;p
good one though..........

Mirage said...

number 10! sooo trueee! gets on my nerves too!