Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rising state (online shopping)

I recently got a mail from Rising state an online shopping website.I admit i was quite surprised by the sudden interest in my blog from them and also offering a wooping 5% discount :D.
Rising state has a collection specially and ONLY for women of the modern age.Its collection represents subtleness and sophistication which happens to be my style.I specially loved the accessory collection which happens to be extremely classy.So I decided to shop for myself,and this is what I got.

Its a really pretty and graceful rose shaped bracelet which can be worn by almost on every casual teeshirt.

Then my 2nd purchase was

Its a very new and fresh design for bracelets.Styled like a belt,looks almost like a watch from a distance.But at this rate I had to buy it.

The 3rd item in my cart was:

If this happened to be in black then it would completely like the hand accessory what wanabes would wear.But since it comes in white it adds this subtle and classiness to it.Can be worn on anything right from black to brown to red.Would definitely be a stand out factor.

So far this site has been really good and different.The only issue is with the charges of the shipping which is around 9.99$.For me living in India this becomes over three times the amount purchased.One tip:if it had cash on delivery(COD) it would reaally well.
Anyway dont forget to visit for a renewed shopping experience.

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