Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Baggit is one brand where every piece it cut to sophistication.I know most of the handbags have this 'corporate' look to them but its well timed with urban chicness.Also Baggit doesn't use leather.Not that am into PETA or anything but I really wouldn't fancy a dead animals skin under my arms.They are no doubt a little expensive but its all worth the money.They run for a good 2-3 years.

My personal Baggit collection.Its not much but I hope to increase it someday.

My statement coco blue laptop bag.
Its spacious enough to keep a small notebook laptop.Its great to keep notes straight and not get it crumpled.

My daily use wallet.

It actually looks very compact but actually very spacious and has a compartment for everything.

This is my most favorite party clutch.It also comes in bronze.

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Karishma said...

Look who is back!!
great post, hope to read more of your posts now!