Saturday, December 24, 2011

Easy to make Christmas cookies

These cookies are unbelievably simple and tastes heavenly.All you'll need is:
Flour(maida),Honey,Finely powdered sugar,dry ginger powder,Butter.

1)In a mixing bowl take about 100gms of butter.
2)Add about 250 to 300 gm of flour.Approximate the amount you take to make a normal dough.
3)Add one entire small bottle of dabur honey.
4)Add about 2-3 pinches of dry ginger powder.
5)Add about 3 tablespoons of sugar.Depends on your taste.If you want to cut down on sugar then increase the amount of honey.
6)Mix everything into a normal dough.Taste the dough to check the flavor.
7)If the mixture is too wet add a bit of flour.If its too dry add little bit of honey or even a tinch of water will do.
8)Preheat the oven to about 180 degree for 10min.
9)Take small balls of dough and slightly press them flat with your hands and place on baking tray.
9)You could add sesame seeds on the tray and sprinkle some over it(optional).
10)For other shapes use ready made shape cutters or you could simply use a toothpick and knife.
11)Bake for 15 min a 180 degrees.Make sure you keep a constant eye on it so that it doesn't burn.
12)If it turns a regular shade of brown before the time.You could switch the oven off and remove the tray out.
13)Cool at normal temperature for about 10-15 min till it hardens.

Happy baking!

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