Saturday, December 24, 2011

Avon nail paints

My friend is an Avon representative so I purchased these nail paints from her which are soo awesome.

1)Avon's matte finish nail paints.

Matte is basically a finish without shine.Its more like the texture of wall paint.It looks classy.If you want a shine add a coat of transparent nail paint.
Avon's matte finish nail colors come in inky blue,Violetta,black,red and grey.The best thing about this type of finish is that it looks equally good on dark skin.

I bought these:Inky blue and Violetta.

They looks like this:
Inky blue


They are for Rs80 each.

2)Dream fuschia
Its a very pretty pink color.Which is almost the 'IT' color on every girls nails nowadays after the trend of red.They are around 60-70Rs each.They look good on fair as well as dusky skin.

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