Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why do people abuse????

These days abuses have become an inseperable part of almost 96%of todays population's vocabulary.people think that they can express their thoughts,emotions etc by using abuses which is quite wronge sadly because using abuses only proves the fact that how handicapped one can be when it comes to using the power of your very own speech!!
its quite embarssing for me as a girl when somebody in the vicinity abuses specially by using those words relationg to one's mothers and point is why aint there any relating to one's fathers or brothers?not that am asking for any because it would only mean to increase the already infinite list!!
its quite disheartning to see really young kids abusing each other not knowing what it actually means...but at that point of time they are immatured and have grasped all those things
fro no-where but their very own adults.but then u grwo up and pass that phase and now we are in a positon to know what we gotta let go and what we gotta take wid us for the rest our lives.
i persoanally must ve never abused anyone in my life and i really appreaciate and respect the people who aint foul motuhed but refuse to show an iota of affitnity towards those who do.
so all in all sanitizing one's corrupted ones speech and rehabilitating one's vocabulary is the need of the day!!


shirin said...

way to go girl!!
i think you are absolutely right....hope those slang and abuse addicts learn something...
keep up the good work!

NEHA said...

hey this is the most well written post up till now but i just realized that i used one of the abuse in my last post :-P couldnt resist it..but i hope a few ppl in mind read this..n yeah good reasearch work too..