Sunday, January 18, 2009


As I sit through these infinite exams
do i find myself a single moment of charm?

As i sit learning from these heaps of books
do i seem to recollect the contents from the previous book?

will i be able to jot all of this down
on the final of the dawn?

it has already become impossible to stay put for more then 30 min
how earth am i suposed to sit through 4 more months of this?

when will this tiring struggle get over?
cuz am already so BORED....*yawn*...

will my year and year and a half of struggle yeild any outcome?
or will the devil failure overcome?

As i sit here unleashing the poet within me under my physics books
i wonder...............

is working with machines all i wana do ?
is it worthy for me ?or am i worthy for it?

if not what am i working for then?

am soo confused.........
sooo BORED.....*yawn*

1 comment:

NEHA said...

i feel the same right now..