Friday, July 10, 2009

Bollywood calling.........

The film industry in india is no doubt one of the biggest and profound industry in this country and it has benefited india quite eminently.But then that doesnt mean that we incoperate or associate film stars in every aspect of our lives!!!
If for examply there's a bomb blast,or a terrorist has being held or the any politician has being elected,the very next day we get thier point of view's regarding such happenings and their pointless opinions blah blah.The other day there was this question asked in bombay times front page that'whats the most sexiest part of rahul gandhi',can u freaking belive that??and then those brainless starlets starting voicing their hopless views on how they like his butt and etc etc. Is this what is supposed to be discussed about our leaders of this nation,why couldnt they ask queston them about his achivements or what potential he holds still?
Even when the olympic torch came to india,bipasha basu was asked to run around carrying it!!that was the height!! why couldnt some senior athlete do the needfull? does it all come down to adding glamour quotient to every possible thing in this country and calling it HOOTT.Even on simple day to day debates held on news channels there HAS to be one filmstar sitting in the panel talking nonsence when that person doesnt even the remotest possible idea of what is like to live a commons man's life,and then there are those audiences who land up asking them questions as if thier answers if gona mean life and death to them.
And there was this abhi-ash wedding frenzy which zobbed the news for nearly a month and it seemed endless.i really apprecitaed javed akhtar at that oint of time when a certain new channel called him and asked him how he felt about them to which he replied,'is abhi-ash wedding some national phenomenan occuring,what kind of channel are u? dont u have otherz news to show us'.i felt like bowing down to that man,and i was like FINALLY we have someone with a proper conscience in bollywood.And these days its bebo and her darling saifu(yuck) ,where we seem to be gettin thier minute to minute details of thier whole day(like we have no other work!).
Opening bombay times every day in the morning is such a painfull task for me because i just cant stand the those magnanomous articles.What have we got to do if someone looses thier earing on the set,or if xyz person ishaving a cat fight with someone else,tomorow i wont even be surprised if it prints that abc starlet sneezed or maybe ate this for lunch and that,is this what we call NEWS?lol.but then WHO CARES?
Even if somebody has to interview any foreign person about India there always has to be that golden question,'do u watch bollywood movies? what do u feel about them?'and its bollywood and bollywood in the rest of the interview,they wouldnt even bother asking them about the how they feel about indian culture, its rising economy and does it or does it not have the thing to be a super power? no...we will just stick to walking ,talking ,eating,sleeping bollywood!!
Anyway,as long as common people like us dont become aware of it,bollywood is gona soar higher and higher and gobble up eveything,untill one day we start calling India,,HOOTTT..



wohoo!!!...i am the first comment as always...anyway after reading the post i wud lyk to tel u 2 juz CHILL..its not good 2 get ur frustration out in all ur posts but i wont deny that that i m in luv with ur sarcasm... of all the blogs i hav read till date u earn huge browny points for being sarcastic... i mean even me???...sorry if m being a bitch :P...i think in ur next posts u shud go in 4 some praises with that vocab of urs m sure it will turn out 2 b awesome as far as bollywood is concerned i need not start with my views on..coz it wil b reliiiiiiiii long...o yeah n i didnt know abt tht bips episode utter crap!!!

shirin said...

i so agrre with your friend neha....seriously varsha chill!!!!
we all know tht its all crap and tht bollywood is what??
we are the ones who actually enjoy reading was really good..but im looking forward for some less criticism!!

deluded said...


maybe I should switch to watching rajnikanth.



hey i have tagged you...check out my post...give time for it if ur free