Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Portable makeup essentials

Carrying around a huge make up kit in the handbag could be a tedious job.Because there are soo many things to choose from and as a woman we want them all.Wouldn't it be nice if we have a small make up kit that has all the make up basics we need on a daily basis and that fits just right in our handbags without having to compensate on anything.
Here is my regular -compact make up kit that has it all.

1.Revlon compact powder(tone-natural)
2.Maybelline hyper curl mascara(color-black)
3.Maybelline rouge
5.Avon black khol with a smudger
6.Lakme lip gloss
7.Lakme liquid foundation base.
8.Miss claire bronzer(Suitable for night outs)
9.Lakme 4 color eye shadow

To pack these in I have the perfect compact pouch.I got this from lakme on some purchase.

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