Thursday, May 2, 2013

Body Shop : Moringa Body Mist | White Must Libertine

Hello everyone!
I have been using these 2 fragrances for a while and am totally in love with them.The thing I love most about Body Shop is that its very eco-friendly.

Moringa Body Mist

Excellent for daily use. You can spray it all over your body. Moringa is actually a flowering plant. The smell bends slightly towards that of green apple. Its best if you spray it on bare skin as it tends to linger more. 
Its a great mood lifter. You dont even need to spray hoards of it. Just about 2-4 sprays should do the job. It fragnracne feels very light and hence I use it daily.
   It is easily available in any Body Shop store or you could buy it online here

White Must Libertine- Fragrance Mist Brume Parfumee

Priced at Rs 995/-.
This has 3 different musks blended with floral accords and a hint of Turkish delight. It can be a slightly heavy fragrance for daily use. So I stick to using it for parties etc. The lasting power is crazy good. It can stay for more than 7 hours. Spray it on your clothes instead of bare skin and you are good to go.
You can find this in any exclusive Body Shop store or on their online shop here.

You can also find Body Shop on  Twitter and Facebook.

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