Friday, January 25, 2008

Anil Tharankey -the OUCH POTATOE guy

this guy is my fav writer.if u wana abt him then open mumbai mirror n try n find out the most sarcastically written coloumn u can read in the enitre paper and it will be none other than the OUCH POTATOE.. i mean that guy does some writing man !!!!!!!!itz hard-core critsicm.and when i say that i mean the level of critic writing only a few of 2days writers have. he honestly lends trunkloads of brains to a lot of almost seems like splashing cold water straight on thier faces.i speacially like his writings about tv soaps,criketers,moviecelebs,our ministers.i wish they cud gain sumthin worthwhile frm his writings.
even in the interviews he takes makes celebraties rethink thier replies.i mean itz like almost shuting thier mouth up.
itz not only his critic writing which i adore but his ability to bring majorly big awareness among the people in even little things which we hardly notice.
i strongly feel that the ministers should set him as an inspiration for them thats when worthwhile things might start happening in this country.

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