Sunday, January 13, 2008

THE MAGESTIC 339...........

All those travelling from juhu to majas depot n vice-versa will kno wot m i talking about...for aquintances i am talking about the most notorious bus among all-bus no 339.
being a student a sathaye college n my clases being in parle as well my day starts and ends with this bus.the reason why i am complaing about this bus is its habbit for torturing people waiting for it for hours(yes i mean hours).its frequency gets worst day by day.sumtimes it might just not turn up for 2 straight hours inspite of its frequency being 1 in 45 min.It turns up like its doing some BIG favour on us.inspite of thisthe bestwont issue and additonalbus.
the feeling of seeing the bus coming from a distance is simply beoyond the words of my vocabulary.sometimes it resembles the sun rising from the horizon.or it is like seeing a ray of light comoing out of darkness(i know it sounds way to mushy but this actualy how it feels)
ohk now so another huge problem faced by the commuters is geting a seat.getting a seat is as good as achieving somthing great.there are parctically all catogory people entering the going student...somtimes even eunuchs and beggers.among them the school students... omg...they are like these terrorists.they come in herds yelling screaming like a bunch of babling bumbling band of baboons.first of all there is no place at all to even place your foot..then these people come to add to our misery.even if your sittign dont think your lucky or somthing(unless your not beside the window trust me thats the best possible seat)coz u might get pushed or maybe even rubbed by compelty yuck people.
so this is how it goes for 30-45 min...(the traffic adds fuel to the already huge fire).now the last but not the least problem is GETTING OUT OF THE BUS in a safe and sound conditon with all your belongings in place.getting out of it is as bad as trying to get is practicaly impossible to reach the door from your seat...and there are people hanging even at the door.
so all in all having accomplished this horible journey is like wining a battle.but then you know somtimes it isnt that bad when u realy have cool friends to give u company atleast you could do with some laugh.

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╬ и૯Ħ@ ╬ said...

i hope the trauma of 339 ends vd 12th wt say..??