Monday, January 2, 2012

Miscellaneous "vintage"

So am in the mood of recollecting all those things which are once trending like crazy but have now become extinct.Thats why I call it "vintage".
Remember your frilly birthday frocks when you were young? those ultra puffed short sleeved frocks.The more the puff the happier you got.I couldn't find the most appropriate images but here are a few

Does anybody remember the goodies that came in the lays packets?yaa 'tazos' is what am referring about.Now-a-days the maximum we could get from a packet is "air".

This is my personal favorite.Its those things which change when you change the angle of viewing I dunno what its called.


Karishma said...

You have no idea how many Tazos i have in my collection!! We should have a Tazo match sometime.. hehe..

Burhan said...

Hey it is call 3D effect...and love the baby pic

summy said...

I don't know you..I'm from Karnataka India... I was just surfing the blogs and I came on yours which reminded me, my childhood ... thanks for the 'tazos' one

Aks said...

even I do have some crazy tazoos collection f looney tunes, MAsk and others.It was fun man chasing these tazoos having tazoo matches and building robots cars or whatever with our tazoos