Monday, January 2, 2012

"Vintage" cartoon

If you were born in the 1990's you would definitely know what I am talking about.
Remember the cartoon network of our childhood days? Now that's what I call cartoons,and not these rubbish subnormal cartoon characters which air these days.
The old version of mickey mouse cartoon which was totally non-verbal yet incredibly entertaining.

We all remember the tales of the Jungle book of course.The funny Baloo and Mowgli duo or the grumpy Bagheera.

I bet everyone still remembers the tunes of 'The Adams family" with the snapping of the fingers or the actions of captain planet song.

Don't we still adore duck tales and recollect uncle Scrooges famous swim in his gold coins.

And last but not the least our very famous robot "Vicki".Yes! 'Small wonder' is exactly what I am talking about.I know this isn't a cartoon but it is a part of our "vintage" tv shows right?


deepazartz said...

Very true...The cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Duck Tales will be an all time favs. Now-a-days even cartoons are filled with violence and stuff which actually should not be projected to the young minds...completely my view!

Thanks for your visit and following Varsha:)

Good Day!

NS said...

I LOVED Captain Planet !!! Thanks for reminding of all the lovely memories... Aah, what days..

Guru ji Gallery said...

its a humble request, please telecast all these show again on cartoon network. these are my favrioute and other will also like the